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We have property consultants ready to help you, based in Christchurch, Wellington, Tauranga and Auckland.

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Matthew Horncastle

Managing Director

Matthew manages, on a daily basis, land acquisition, development design, resource consents, development sales, marketing and finance. Matthew is a qualified builder and has been in the construction industry for over 9 years. Matthew is extremely high energy and passionate about Williams Corporation’s purpose to build Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington into the most liveable cities.

M: +64 27 711 0356

Blair Chappell

Managing Director

Blair is responsible for product and contractor procurement, pricing, and site management, along with building consents. As a qualified business analyst and having been in the construction industry for over 7 years, Blair loves everything about development, including watching a development go from an idea on a set of plans to a finished product, complete with homeowners and tenants.

M: +64 27 205 3118

Kathryn Marshall

General Manager

Kathryn has a 32-year career in construction. Kathryn overviews the company finances and cash flow position and is responsible for company systems, processes, controls and oversees legal and technical documents. Kathryn has a Bachelor of Agricultural Science Degree, including business subjects. Kathryn creates the vision, along with Matthew and Blair and forms highly skilled teams to deliver the outcomes ethically.

M: +64 27 545 1150

Mark Nuttall

Director - Australia

Mark has a Diploma in Construction and Quantity Surveying. He has worked in Christchurch, London, Melbourne, and Sydney in the residential, commercial, and civil industries for over 27 years. Mark is a property investor and hands-on business owner who makes himself available 24/7 for all clients.

M: +61 400 964 621

Stephen Pike

Auckland Sales Manager

Stephen has over 15 years experience in property sales and has helped over 1000 customers either invest or own residential real estate. Stephen’s professional approach and strong knowledge of market opportunities ensure that his customers get the best advice and information to enable a sound decision is made. Achieving financial security for his customers is of the utmost importance.

M: +64 27 524 5002

Matt Withington

Christchurch Sales Manager

As a licensed builder, experienced new-home consultant, homeowner and property investor, Matt brings a wealth of technical know-how to the Williams Corporation team. Matt has a trusted reputation, built on positive communication and assists customers with options that will perform best now and into the future. Matt genuinely loves talking about property and is passionate about helping people achieve their goals.

M: +64 27 496 6524

David Living

Wellington Sales Manager

David is passionate about helping investors and first home buyers achieve financial freedom through property ownership and investment. He has been an entrepreneur and business owner since leaving university as well as working in property development for the last 6 years. David is passionate about understanding each client’s individual investing requirements and tailoring a solution to fit. His philosophy is to form long term relationships to help clients and their families shorten their journey to success through guiding them to seek the knowledge required to make their own informed decisions.

M: +64 21 855 910

Nadia Harris

Wellington Deputy Sales Manager

Nadia has a degree in Forensic Accounting and comes from a background of accounting and business development in South Africa. Nadia is multi-lingual, being fluent in English and Afrikaans. Nadia is passionate about helping investors make the best-informed decisions to get the most out of their investment, putting them in a positive financial position. Nadia is trustworthy, discreet, and ethical.

M: +64 21 251 7788

Riyaan Mohamed

Tauranga Sales Manager

Riyaan is an entrepreneur and a property investor. At a young age of 21, he saw the potential in the property market and purchased his first home, and has added more to his portfolio since then. Riyaan has a burning desire to help clients get onto the property ladder and to help those that want to grow their property portfolio.

M: +64 21 029 02723

Ben Cloake

Melbourne/Brisbane Sales Manager

Ben has over 15 years experience in the Sales industry, With a background in Solar, Insulation, Heating, and Home Efficiency. He is very passionate about helping first home buyers and investors get onto the property ladder. Ben's collaborative approach helps his clients feel informed and make decisions with confidence.

M: +64 21 087 87227

Trevor Creighton

Sydney Sales Manager

Trevor has been involved in the building industry and residential sales for over 25 years. Trevor’s passionate about helping his customers first and foremost by securing their home or investment property, with a minimum of fuss. With great communication, sound advice and a wealth of industry knowledge, Trevor makes the decision-making process as simple as possible.

M: +64 27 224 2839

Shirley Chua

Singapore Sales Manager

Shirley has an in-depth understanding of overseas investment as she is a foreign property investor and landlord herself. With her keen eye for details and over 20 years of knowledge on consumer behaviour in premium luxury lifestyle, she understands what tenants are looking for and is ready to share her wealth of knowledge with investors interested to expand their property portfolio, through key identification theory to find the ideal property with the least fuss that delivers higher demand hence better return on investment. Shirley is passionate about helping clients achieve financial independence and she is conversant in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Thai and Bahasa Indonesia.

M: +65 8112 2040

Carl da Costa

Client Consultant

Carl has had over 15 years in real estate sales along with extensive experience as a property investor, business owner, entrepreneur and public speaker. His passion is helping others achieve personal and financial freedom by providing enthusiastic support, encouragement and expertise. His belief is that nothing is impossible by maintaining a positive can-do attitude. Let Carl share his enthusiasm to support your goals and property aspirations.

M: +64 273 32 32 39

Kerry Cloake

Client Consultant

Kerry is very people and service focused with many years of experience in talking with and relating to people from all walks of life. Kerry's philosophy on life is centered around honesty, professionalism and getting the job done. As a home-owner and property investor with Williams Corporation herself, Kerry believes that owning property gives people financial freedom and will work with her clients to achieve their goals.

M: +64 27 452 3783

Vijay Sethi

Client Consultant

Vijay has 15 years of banking experience and successfully owned and operated a travel business in India. Vijay has specialised skills in finance and sales with a proven history of providing an exceptional customer experience. Vijay sets very high standards to ensure he always offers the best advice and customer support, with the aim of building lifetime business relationships.

M: 64 22 047 1966

Rachel Witbrock

Client Consultant

Rachel has a Degree in Business Management and comes from a background in Consultative Sales and Account Management across a number of industries. She has a broad knowledge of building practices and products having co-owned a construction detailing business. Rachel’s attention to her customer’s needs means that she delivers solutions for them that really match their requirements. She understands the importance of supporting her customers throughout their decision-making process.

M: +64 21 265 5362

Rosa Hsu

Client Consultant

Rosa has worked in marketing and sales roles in both NZ and overseas for over 15 years, most recently in a sales partnership role at Air New Zealand. Rosa is experienced at building long term relationships and is positive, honest and dedicated. Rosa loves working with people to help them achieve their goals, whether that is buying their first home or adding to their investment portfolio. Rosa is fluent in English, Mandarin and conversational Spanish.

M: +64 22 035 8892

Kirsten Russell

Client Consultant

Kirsten has a Bachelor’s degree in Event Management and has many years experience within the Wedding and Event industry. Coming from a family of Property Investors, Kirsten has always had a keen interest in property and has made the career change utilising her people skills. Kirsten is confident, professional and responsive to meet her clients needs.

M: +64 21 027 57391

Gina McMurdoch-Sontgen

Client Consultant

Gina is passionate about helping investors and homebuyers achieve financial freedom through property investing. Gina has been investing in property since the age of 19, so understands how to build a property portfolio. She thrives on helping others start on their journey and understand the process. Gina is honest, dedicated, persistent, and believes in trusted long-term relationships with her clients. If you are considering selling your land and want to know who to speak to, Gina will give you an assessment over the phone.

M: +64 21 441 735

Earl Crowley

Client Consultant

Earl has almost a decade of experience in the sales industry, more recently stepping into the property world with a multifaceted approach to customer relations. With a fierce passion for the industry and an ever-growing eagerness to progress, Earl is determined to offer the education and support needed to make a decision right for each individual. Having significant experience across a number of industries, Earl is able to navigate working with those from every facet of life, offering a more individualised approach to both property acquisition and investment. Earl is confident, eloquent and offers the tenacity required to meet his clients needs.

M: +64 21 781 265

Anna Dodunski

Client Consultant

Anna has a natural desire to do the right thing by people and is always available and willing to help. Anna has 10 years experience within the property industry which has given her a wealth of experience. Anna has a strong customer service focus and is passionate about ensuring her clients have the information they need to make the best decision based on their needs.

M: +64 27 876 6299

David Park

Client Consultant

David has been passionate about the property industry from a young age. Being a firm believer in obtaining financial freedom through property, he seeks to achieve the goals of clients whether that be first-home buyers or those wanting to expand their portfolio. David comes from a comprehensive background of Business and Law which enables him to provide key insights into the housing market for clients from all aspects. His professional yet attentive approach allows him to ensure clients can be confident in making life-time decisions within the property industry.

M: +64 21 083 98205

Mac Hepburn

Client Consultant

Mac found his interest in property when he was looking at buying his first home with Williams Corporation. He was inspired by Williams Corporation's ethos and vision which led to him joining the team. Mac’s a numbers guy and wants to make sure that your first home or investment property can get you where you would like to be long term. Mac grew up in the Wairarapa then studied in Dunedin before moving to Auckland for work. Mac has worked at various media and advertising agencies in Auckland for a number of years before finding his true passion in property.

M: +64 27 575 7020

Kim Smrekar

Client Consultant

Kim has an extensive background in mechanical engineering with over 15 years of experience in various roles. Kim has always been passionate about property and investment and is now stepping into a new career with a mindset to live an independent and prosperous life. He is intent on solving questions efficiently and creating great relationships with customers. Kim loves how life gives you many amazing opportunities to meet new people, learn new things and achieve new goals.

M: +64 21 268 8784

Carmen Julius

Client Consultant

Carmen has been in sales and customer service for over 16 years, working with a wide range of clients from Europe and East, West and Southern Africa before moving to New Zealand in 2017. Carmen has worked within Insurance, Healthcare, Telecomms, Retail and Marketing industries and attended numerous Conferences, Training and Sponsorship events, which gave great exposure to leading innovators in their respective fields. Williams Corporation gives me the opportunity to utilise my experience, skills and exceptional customer service to assist clients into their first home and build on their investment portfolio.

M: +64 21 230 2050

Asika Devi

Client Consultant

Asika is a well presented, disciplined and highly motivated individual, who has worked on a wide range of projects. Asika has a Master’s Degree in Health Sc (Distinction) and a Diploma in Business Management. With over 15 years of extensive experience in Business Management, Sales and Retail and Public Health, Asika is passionate about helping people. Asika plays a key role in analysing problems and comes up with effective solutions to achieve her client’s property goals. Asika is fluent in Hindi, Fiji Hindi and English.

M: +64 27 4627452

Renuka Driesenaar

Client Consultant

Renuka has over 20 years experience in the retail/sales industries and over 10 years experience managing her own properties. Renuka plays an active role in her Fiji-Indian and Pacific Island communities and is multi-lingual, being fluent in Fiji Hindi/Hindi and English. Renuka is an optimist and believes that all is possible and can be achieved with persistence. Renuka is extremely proud and grateful to be part of the Williams Corporation family and absolutely supports their vision “to build better cities and a more liveable country."

M: +64 27 473 6852

Jensine Mahal

Client Consultant

Jensine is a native New Yorker with a bachelor's degree in fashion design.After working in the industry in Manhattan for several years she moved to Wellington, NZ and made a career change. She comes from a family who works in property development and sales. By utilising her outgoing personality her priority has always been to deliver excellent customer service. Jen will work hard for our clients with a personal, honest , and straightforward approach. She is confident she will meet her clients current and future property investment needs.

M: +64 21 087 11347

Annie An

Client Consultant

Annie is passionate about helping buyers find their dream home and enjoys building long-term relationships with buyers. Annie has a Master’s degree in Communication Management (Distinction), and she has an overseas background in the film and television industry. She is proficient in cross-cultural communication and has experience in dealing with people from different countries. She is able to capture the needs of buyers, and has the patience to assist buyers. Being able to accompany every buyer and witness the buyer’s life journey brings her happiness. Fluent in English, Mandarin.

M: +64 21 0844 6000

Mitchell Podmore

Client Consultant

Mitchell has been in the sales game for 5 years, plus 2 years in construction. As a property consultant, Mitchell provides a great understanding by listening to customers' needs, then putting it all together to provide amazing results. Mitchell is very active, being a competitive cyclist, amongst all kinds of other sports, that provide him grounding and knowledge to work hard to achieve great goals.

M: +64 27 911 9769

Blake Derks-Wyatt

Client Consultant

Blake has graduated with a Bachelor of Property from the University of Auckland where he found a true passion for property development and investment. Blake has a genuine eagerness to understand his client’s desires and assist them in finding the best outcomes. Blake is extremely excited to bring his fresh enthusiasm to help clients find their ideal property, while further developing his skills and experience in the industry.

M: +64 22 033 4726

Paula Boughtwood

Client Consultant

Paula has over 12 years’ experience in the sales industry and over 4 years managing her own properties and growing her portfolio. Paula is very passionate and enjoys helping people with their property journey, whether they are a first home buyer or investor. Paula is professional, hardworking and approachable.

M: +64 21 451 607

Brendon Kircher

Client Consultant

Brendon’s passion for property began 13 years ago when he purchased his first investment property at the age of 23. Brendon has spent the last 11 years working in customer focused roles in the public sector, but has always been driven by the power of property to provide financial freedom. Brendon genuinely enjoys building relationships based on honesty and trust as he believes that this is key to forming a robust and successful business. Brendon joined Williams Corporation after connecting with the company’s ethos for producing high quality efficient housing and their ultimate goal of building more liveable cities.

M: +64 27 314 2052

Amy Harrison

Client Consultant

Amy’s extensive 17-year career in real estate began working as a Sales Assistant at the bottom of the totem pole. The team sold 83 concrete condos in one evening event and Amy was hooked. Amy’s philosophy is centred around relationship-building, honesty, patience, and professionalism. Amy currently manages 4 Airbnb properties in New Zealand and Canada, so understands what it takes to run properties successfully. Amy loves working with first home buyers and investors, as she firmly believes owning real estate is the key to financial freedom.

M: +64 20 4177 5543

Richard Clark

Client Consultant

Richard has over 15 years experience in financial services, along with experience as a property investor and business owner. Richard’s passion is matching investor needs with secure high performing investments to achieve financial security. Richard's professional approach and strong investment knowledge, built as an investor and a banker, ensures trust and transparency. Richard makes the investing process simple and rewarding by providing customers with all the information required to enable sound decisions.

M: +64 20 591 40043

Stephen Hughes

Client Consultant

Stephen began his real estate career in 1991 after graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Valuation and Property Management from Lincoln University. He has concluded over $400million of property transactions during this time and thus brings a wealth of sales as well as development experience to Williams Corporation. Stephen will be specialising in land acquisitions to enable us to buy the best located land for our customers.

M: +64 21 345 832

Victoria Taylor

Client Consultant

Victoria is a born and bred Cantabrian. She has a strong connection to Canterbury as her family has farmed in the region for over 125 years. Victoria previously trained as a registered nurse worked in pharmaceutical sales, and has successfully owned and operated 2 Florist Shops. Victoria is passionate about sales and customer service and works hard to provide a positive experience and outcome for her clients.

M: +64 21 535 959

James O’Caiside

Client Consultant

James has over 12 years of experience in human behaviour, motivation, and emotional and practical planning, which sets him up to help make the right decisions for his customers when buying property. James is a public speaker and has made presentations on how people combat emotions, day to day living, and achieving the things they want. This skill is applied within Williams Corporation where James has the capacity to not only help his customers find property that suits their needs and makes them happy, but also on a deeper level to help them plan and simplify the process and understand themselves better along the way.

M: +64 22 581 2631

Henri Loader

Client Consultant

Henri has grown up around the building industry all of his life and is extremely passionate about it. He is a licensed building practitioner with 10 years’ experience which includes running his own business. Henri bought his first house at the age of 19 and wants to help other people realise their dream of being a first home buyer or property investor. He truly believes that Williams Corp has a product suitable for everyone and genuinely has a sense of responsibility to help clients confidently with their new investment.

M: +64 27 356 0051

Lidan Xiang

Client Consultant

Lidan has a degree in economics and working for several years as a business owner. She has experience dealing with people from different countries. She comes from a family that works as a property investor. She is working hard to help buyers to find their dream home and willing to build up a long-term relationship with buyers and has the patience to understand the buyers' needs. Fluent in Mandarin, English and a bit of Cantonese.

M: +64 22 650 2603

Andrew Zhang

Client Consultant

Trained in the healthcare profession, Andrew has excellent customer service skills that accommodate people's needs. Andrew started investing in properties to achieve financial freedom for his family. Andrew loves talking to and helping clients learn about property and ultimately helping them achieve their goals of owning a home or becoming property investors. Andrew’s ideal outcome is building long-lasting friendships with his clients to ensure property success. Fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

M: +64 21 025 18722

Stacy Zhao

Client Consultant

Stacy has comprehensive marketing experience in both residential and commercial areas and a strong background in overseas education. She demonstrates efficiency and innovation in sales management, promotional activity and marketing research. Stacy builds great relationships with clients and delivers exceptional investment solutions. Her outstanding decision skills and proven ability of thinking strategically, ensure a consistent and ongoing high level of service.

M: +64 21 185 1866

Vaughan Thomas

Client Consultant

Vaughan possesses a wealth of experience in dealing with a wide range of investor needs following a commercial projects career in the Middle East and New Zealand for the past 15 years. Vaughan is an entrepreneur who is passionate about helping others and understands how important strategic thinking is behind investment decisions. He wants to see his clients grow their portfolio by empowering them with information and support. Vaughan possesses a growth mindset, is always seeking value, and knows there is no substitute for quality.

M: +64 27 359 4819

Ché Gibson

Client Consultant

Ché has worked in various industries and owned several businesses before joining Williams Corporation. The most recent being a coworking office he had in Britomart, Auckland for 7 years. He brings a broad range of experience to the position, which helps when listening to clients' unique situations, and solving their problems creatively. Ché loves real estate as it not only can be a place to call home, it can create generational wealth when held onto. He loves encouraging others that they can do this too.

M: +64 21 738 663

Ryan Quah

Client Consultant

Ryan is an entrepreneur and a property investor at heart. He is passionate about helping investors and home owners to preserve and grow their long-term wealth in a safe and secured way. His extensive background in banking shaped his data driven approach to capturing opportunities for his clients in the real estate market. His warm and charismatic personal connects with people and he loves to create long lasting relationship.

M: +65 8923 2832

Rafiz Ali

Client Consultant

Rafiz has over 20 years of experience as a customer relations expert and finance adviser. He is passionate about property investment and has extensive knowledge in providing quality service. With his intuitive understanding of the customers real needs, he will be able to assist and exceed customer expectations. Rafiz believes in building great long term relationships and finding the ideal outcome for investment success.

M: +65 9029 2844

Tasna Forbes-Gittens

Client Consultant

Tasna has a wealth of experience from 20 years in Business Development roles, both in New Zealand and Australia, including 3 years in commercial property with Colliers International. Tasna is highly motivated by helping assist her clients to purchase residential property. Tasna is personable, a great listener with attention to detail, and loves to discuss how to create financial freedom through property ownership.

M: +61 424 725 560

Constance Hao

Client Consultant

Constance has a strong passion for the real estate industry and loves helping clients reach their real estate goals, no matter how challenging they may seem. Constance is a homeowner herself, so she relates to her clients easily, whilst being able to share her exceptional knowledge and expertise. Fluent in English and Mandarin.

M: +64 21 0249 5081

Claudia Hanna

Client Consultant

Claudia has over 10 years of experience in sales and customer service and is now combining her passion for people with property in her new role as a Client Consultant in Melbourne. Claudia is looking forward to working with Williams Corporation and helping people succeed with their property goals.

M: +61 416 885 973

Rose Ross

Client Consultant

Rose has grown up in a family of property investors so she found her calling for real estate at a young age, and turned that into a career starting in residential sales and bought her first home at 18. Her passion is helping others achieve personal and financial freedom by providing enthusiastic support, encouragement and expertise. Rose genuinely loves talking about property and strongly believes the key in business is transparency.

M: +64 27 422 2774

Brendan Hyndman

Client Consultant

Brendan has been in sales and customer service for over 20 years throughout Australasia and China with a focus on the financial industry. His passion is helping others achieve personal and financial freedom by providing enthusiastic support, encouragement and expertise. From recently finally understanding the property market to growing his property portfolio along with being avid interest in the investment fund to create a cash positive lifestyle for him and his family.

M: +61 473 035 920

Henry Birch

Client Consultant

Henry graduated from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Property, before moving into a career in Real Estate. From there Henry has found a true love of connecting people with property which subsequently led him to Williams Corporation. Henry is looking forward to helping people from all walks of life achieve their property and investment goals. He has a tremendous work ethic, determination, and a real focus on finding successful outcomes for clients time and time again.

M: +61 411 692 117

Jo Reardon

Client Consultant

Jo has over 15 years of experience in the sales/finance and customer support industry. She has successfully owned an interior plastering company. Jo is very passionate about providing the highest quality customer support to all her clients, with her professionalism and hard work ethic, Jo will ensure she always offers the best advice and support for her clients, building long term business relationships.

M: +64 21 971 173

Tom Miller

Client Consultant

Tom has over 10 years of business consulting experience working with clients across the UK, US, and Europe. He is professionally trained to understand clients' requirements and match them with the best possible solutions. His passion for investing in property started in his early working life and he decided to transform his passion into a career in property to be able to extend his expert skills to help clients secure their first home or build an investment portfolio.

M: +64 218 66031

Jonathan Smith

Client Consultant

Jonathan is a high energy, passionate person that has extensive experience in construction, technology, product and investment opportunities. As a Qualified Carpenter, experienced Project Manager and shareholder in one of New Zealand's strongest startup companies 'Shuttlerock', he has a wealth of knowledge to share. From the foundations, through to customer service he is extremely interested in helping people create financial freedom through property investments. Jonathan genuinely enjoys building and growing long-lasting relationships based on honesty and trust.

M: +64 27 223 9889

Ravi K Ramasamy

Client Consultant

Ravi (RK) was an investment banker for over 30 years in Wall Street area catering to institutional customers. He is proficient in the Asian-Pacific investments and compliance.

M: +65 9022 0034

Karin Horen

Client Consultant

Your home is your biggest investment and Karin is here to help you find the right property. Karin started her journey in New Zealand as the co-founder of a non-profit organisation, so helping the community has always been at the top of her values. With over 20 years of experience in marketing and four years in the real estate arena, Karin is certainly someone you can trust. She will go above and beyond to provide an efficient, genuine, and informative service.

M: +64 21 0260 4470

Henry Klisser

Client Consultant

Henry comes to Williams Corporation with a Business degree, where he majored in sales and management. Previously Henry worked as a Real Estate Agent in Auckland and prior to that he worked at Air New Zealand to eventually manage a team of cabin crew. Those critical skills have become invaluable as he moved into the property industry. Henry’s confident, friendly nature will immediately put you at ease.

M: +64 273 225 566

Magdalene Tan

Client Consultant

Magdalene has extensive experience in sales and property. Highly passionate about the housing market, she likes nothing more than to find the perfect home for buyers and investors. As a realtor, Magdalene's dedication to her clients and thoroughness in dealing every transaction always puts them at ease. At the end of the day, she is a strong believer in fulfilling each client's real estate needs through effective advisory and building trusting relationships.

M: +65 9675 1169

Cheryl Sum

Client Consultant

Cheryl has more than 13 years of experience in the real estate industry, mainly in sales, marketing and consulting roles. She is seasoned in helping international clients from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and China invest in overseas properties. Cheryl is also a certified Coach and Trainer for real estate salespersons’ accreditation examinations and license renewal. Hence, she has great understanding of the contract procedures, legal frameworks and policies for land use, development and ownership of properties.

M: +65 9844 7137

Ken Oon

Client Consultant

Ken has over 20 years of experience as a Sales Consultant. He has always been passionate to connect and understand the needs of his clients, facilitating them in making the decision that suits them best and building long-term relationships with them. Ken is also an entrepreneur and property investor himself. His experience in owning and managing overseas property for the past ten years not only allows him to appreciate the financial gains but also recognize the accompanying challenges. He is in the position to offer advice and help his clients realise their dream of owning a beautiful piece of property in New Zealand from the comfort of their homes.

M: +65 9692 7026

Pauline Chua

Client Consultant

Pauline has 15 years experience in sales and marketing roles in Singapore and overseas servicing clients in their needs. She is passionate in helping people with her sincere, honest and dedicated approach. Well converse in English and Mandarin and fluent in many dialects including Teochew, Hokkien and Cantonese. Pauline prides to be part of the Williams Corporation family assisting clients with useful insights, research and specifics that will help them in making an informed decision to start their journeys in overseas property investments.

M: +65 9220 9322

Bobby-Lee Wadsworth

Client Consultant

After 14 years running a nationally recognised bridal design business, Bobby-Lee moved to Christchurch to make a career change. With a Bachelor of design, Bobby-Lee takes pride in attention to detail, project managing, meeting deadlines and going that extra mile for each one of her clients to ensure that their needs are heard and met.

M: +64 21 201 2796

Josh Carthew

Client Consultant

Josh has over 15 years sales experience. His background has mainly been business development, forex & telecommunications. He is very passionate about helping first home buyers and investors get onto the property market. Josh's professional approach helps make his clients feel comfortable and confident. He is highly service focused and likes to ensure the best experience for everybody.

M: +64 22 573 9216

Karra Gill

Client Consultant

With a Bachelors Degree in Law with Honours and having lived in many different countries while travelling, Karra has sampled different feels to homes around the world. After having found her home here in New Zealand, she is committed to helping others find their perfect home and investment opportunities too. As a mother of two young (crazy but sweet) children, she not only brings the knowledge and professional approach to her work, but the understanding and caring touch to all of her clients too.

M: +64 22 062 2780

Sharaine Barrett

Client Consultant

Being involved with property from a young age has given Sharaine a passion for real estate and helping her clients reach their property goals. Her considerable experience in customer service and sales allows her to have an attentive approach offering outstanding service and support for her clients. Sharaine values the trust her clients place in her and she strives every day to exceed their expectations.

M: +64 22 621 0949

Ollie Matthews

Client Consultant

Ollie has had a love of property from a young age and turned that into a career starting in residential sales from the age of 20. Prior to this, Ollie started his own Air Conditioning Company to help pay for University fees and developed a brilliant understanding of how to run and manage a successful business. Combining an extensive knowledge of the property industry with a passion to help people into their first home or add to their portfolio, Ollie fits perfectly as a Client Consultant for Williams Corporation.

M: +61 411 692 133

Judy Graham

Client Consultant

As a 3rd generation property consultant, property is in Judy's blood. She has been helping Kiwis buy property for over 6 years and has been in the property market herself for over 10 years. Judy offers a wealth of experience to help you invest in the right places at the right time and how to reach your property goals. Judy also has a strong academic background, graduating from The University Of Canterbury with a Bachelors's Degree in Marketing & Business Management. She is a highly driven individual with a passion for property and helping others succeed.

M: +64 21 675 635

Freddie Steenfeldt-Kristensen

Client Consultant Intern

Coming from a very business-oriented family, Freddie has a long-standing interest in the world of business, more specifically property. With a strong belief that property investment is fundamental to creating generational wealth, Freddie utilises his knowledge and passion to help clients achieve financial freedom and develop a strong property portfolio. Freddie also has a degree in Business Management and International Business, allowing him to provide alternative insights into the industry for his clients, whilst working in a professional, trustworthy and friendly manner.

M: +64 22 588 7510

Rosa Horncastle

Marketing Manager - Christchurch

Rosa is experienced in the world of Marketing, Design and Communications. Studying both Marketing and Graphic Design at Victoria University while simultaneously running her own successful online business. Upon returning to Christchurch, Rosa worked for three years in a fast paced Communications department within a well established Christchurch business. Rosa has grown up around the building industry all of her life and is extremely passionate about it, this passion alongside her expertise make her an exciting addition the the Williams Corporation team.

M: +64 27 955 2347

Dan Drum-Molloy

National Project Manager

Dan has nearly 10 years experience in the building industry, with the last 6 years in managing and building high quality multi-unit developments. Dan is a licensed building practitioner who loves overseeing projects at a high standard from start to finish.

M: +64 21 169 2685

Bruce Blundell

Senior Project Manager

Bruce has over 20 years experience working in the construction industry, with the last 10 years specialising in Project/Operations management. His background is in the electrical industry and he has an Electrical Engineering qualification from AUT. Bruce enjoys building solid relationships with all people right across the board and is committed to high quality results.

M: +64 22 490 7126

Annaliese Thomsen

Project Manager

Annaliese sparked her career in the residential property market after completing a Bachelor of Property at the University of Auckland. Annaliese has brought initiative, leadership and excellent communication skills from her previous project management experience, which now aids in Annaliese’s ability to oversee the developments within the Auckland region.

M: +64 21 023 38948

Oliver Cubitt

Project Manager

Oliver has completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and has a trade background in carpentry. Oliver has a passion for property and renovating homes. Oliver likes to push the construction program and see a team of people working together to achieve a great result. Oliver is always looking for ways to improve and ensure projects are delivered on time with a high-quality finish.

M: +64 21 225 4959

Ciaran McCrory

Project Manager

Ciaran oversees project developments from start to finish, making sure a quality product is always delivered. As a Certified Passive House Builder and with 19 years in the building industry in New Zealand and abroad, Ciaran brings a wealth of experience in building high-end architectural homes, multi-unit developments, and energy-efficient homes. Ciaran aims to bring continuous improvement to every project and loves being involved in the whole process of the build.

M: +64 21 043 5170

Matt Grant

Project Manager

Matt is a qualified and Licensed Building Practitioner with experience as a Foreman and studies in Construction Project Management. Matt loves all things property, from home renovations to eco-friendly new builds and large scale construction projects. A background in the military has given Matt an appreciation for team work, quality improvement and sportsmanship. Matt values a client focused approach and the delivery of future proofed, high quality homes.

M: +64 22 393 8907

Josh Nielsen

Project Manager

After serving in the New Zealand Military, Josh trained and worked as a Plumber coordinating smaller residential and commercial projects before moving into larger scale Project Management.  Working in such uniquely different environments has equipped Josh with a wide range of skills including problem solving, communication and teamwork.  Josh values loyalty and believes good working relationships are built on trust and mutual understanding. Josh is results driven and likes to see projects completed to a high standard.

M: +64 22 078 7242

Tyson Sholl

Project Manager

Tyson comes from a background of Telecommunications Infrastructure in Melbourne, Australia. Keen to build on years of trade and customer experience with the philosophy, "There's always a way". Dedication to succeed learned from an earlier athletic career and a young family, his goal is to help build other families their first home or investment property.

M: +64 22 522 5919

Khan Rogers

Project Manager

Khan has 8 years building experience. He is a qualified builder and a current Licenced Building Practitioner. Khan has spent most of his building career restoring old villas as a site manager in Auckland, and more recently has been building SIP panel tiny homes. Khan loves every aspect of the build and loves seeing the end product.

M: +64 22 036 3878

Anthony Craig

Project Manager

Anthony is a licensed and qualified builder with 9 years experience in the construction industry, including many years working on various projects from high-end architectural builds to renovations. Anthony is now focused on his new role as Project Manager, putting his skills and knowledge to work to help streamline the build process.

M: +64 22 6226 855

Mathieson Moller

Junior Project Manager

After studying construction management, Mathieson understands the importance of teamwork and communication amongst all individuals. He has a high work ethic, driven by goals and building resilience. Mathieson's main focus now is to deliver projects to clients at the highest possible standard. Mathieson also has a passion for everything real estate, from new builds to existing ones. With the help of a mentor and determination, Mathieson is now on a journey to purchasing his first home/investment property.

M: +64 22 049 4585

Ben Randle

Junior Project Manager

Ben is an Aeronautical Engineer by trade and has always been very practical and hands-on. After the turndown in the aviation sector, he decided to jump in the deep end and try something new in the construction industry. Ben currently manages our maintenance programme, whilst learning alongside our Project Managers, and takes great pride in every home being completed.

M: +64 22 039 7819

Liam Mackenzie


Liam has completed a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and is also a qualified Chartered Accountant with previous experience in public practice. Liam has a passion for accounting and finance and is always looking to find ways to create efficiencies by improving processes and procedures. 

M: +64 21 244 9199

Niriksha Iswar


Niriksha is an experienced Accountant with a proven work history in construction. Niriksha is very ambitious and gives 100% to anything she is faced with. Niriksha is a quick learner and has a passion for finance and accounting. Mixing this passion with a brand she is passionate about ensures she is “living her best life”. Traditionally accountants have a reputation for being boring. This is not Niriksha. Being an Accountant is more than just number crunching. In the modern business world, we need to be commercially focused, think about technology, be innovative, and truly add value. This will be Niriksha’s focus for Williams Corporation, specifically for Auckland and Wellington projects.

Jessie Barry


Jessie is a Chartered Accountant, with over 10 years’ experience in Finance across the healthcare, travel, and insurance industries. She strives for continuous improvement, loves a slick spreadsheet and a streamlined process. She thrives in a fast-paced multifaceted environment and is proud to be working for an organisation committed to providing stunning affordable housing for both home buyers and investors.

Kate Ormsby


Kate is a Chartered Accountant specialising in system and process improvement with 20 years’ experience in high growth commercial and residential property organisations. Kate has renovated a number of homes and investment properties, has lived in the UK and Pacific and enjoyed stints working in fashion, publishing and charitable organisations. Kate believes Williams Corporation has a unique and diverse organisational culture which empowers suppliers and employees to bring their best to each project.

M: +64 22 534 4025

Angelique Edwards


Angelique has over 10 years accounting experience in a mix of commercial and public practice. As a qualified Chartered Accountant, Angelique has a solid work ethic and a supercharged personality. Angelique is ambitious and focused in life, with a passion for property and finance and believes we can all grow and improve each day to reach our goals.

M: +64 21 776 008

Sophia Fenwick


Sophia is a qualified Chartered Accountant with a professional practice background in Audit. As an accountant, Sophia knows the importance of working hard, having an inquisitive mind and adapting to change. She is fun, friendly and determined to change the stereotype of a typical accountant. Sophia enjoys working collaboratively as part of a team and prides herself on building relationships with people.

M: +64 21 776 008

Nathan Veevers

National Design Manager

Nathan has over 20 years experience in a number of architectural practices, ranging from large group home builders to small architectural groups. As a qualified licensed building practitioner in design and previous experience as a Homestar Assessor and the Superhome Movement, Nathan oversees consenting throughout the country.

M: +64 27 503 1418

Bjorn Dunlop

Regional Design Manager

Bjorn has over 14 years experience in Architecture and Interior Design both abroad and in NZ. He brings with him the knowledge to empower his peers and clients to perform better using BIM as a tool. His previous experience has seen him contribute on large to medium-sized projects including the Auckland and Christchurch Convention Centres. His desire to succeed in both life and career is a great driver for this team.

M: +64 21 133 9308

Jing Dai

Intermediate Designer - LBP Design 1

As an LBP licensed architectural designer, Jing has over 9 years’ experience in a range of residential projects. From earthquake rebuilds to high end residential ‘house of the year’ winning projects and multi-units development. Through years of working on the Christchurch rebuild projects, Jing has gained valuable knowledge to achieve a great balance of performance/cost ratio for all his projects. He believes great design should always be achieved within the budget.

M: +64 22 6955 746

Teuta Kajtazi

Regional Design Manager

Teuta has a Bachelor of Architecture, Masters in Town Planning (OS), LBP Design 2 and more than 30 years, both abroad and in New Zealand, in a number of architectural practices in a wide range of project types including educational, apartments, showrooms interior design and fitouts, retail development, new housing development and service stations. Teuta is committed to ensuring the Team succeeds with all tasks, duties and projects.

M: +64 21 238 1885

Anne Alegado

Client Assistant

Anne has been in the customer service and sales industry for 10 years. Anne has worked with United States and United Kingdom clients prior joining the Williams Corporation team. As a Property Assistant, Anne handles overall enquiries from social media and the company website, ensuring that all queries are answered in a timely manner.

M: 03 669 3491

Michelle M. Tayo

Client Assistant

Michelle is focused on dealing with Williams Corporation's clients, answering their queries, and allocating them to property consultants as leads. Michelle is always ready in giving information packs and comprehending what development is needed to be sent. With more than ten years of customer service experience, Michelle is fully equipped in delivering the job accurately, listening to customers thoroughly, and servicing them with integrity.

M: +63 905 404 1271

Lyle Alegado

Property Assistant

Lyle is a Certified Public Accountant and has worked as an external auditor for 2 years prior to joining Williams Corporation. He serves as the first point of contact for customer enquiries, making sure all information packs are sent and received by our customers in a timely and efficient manner.

M: +63 919 514 1195

Chanaya Michaels

Customer Relations and Office Manager

Chanaya is a Bachelor of Business graduate, with a double major in Marketing and Accounting and a minor in Finance. Chanaya has worked in the customer service industry for over 5 years. Due to Chanaya’s prior experience in the industry, she knows what excellent customer service is. Chanaya is passionate about delivering a quality customer experience and creating a positive atmosphere for both current and future clients.

M: +64 21 544 977

Georgia Waddington

Customer Experience and Office Manager

Georgia is dedicated to delivering superior customer experiences & outcomes for our Williams Corporation customers. Georgia is constantly measuring and improving every aspect of our customers property journey. Georgia is a driven, motivated and responsible self-starter with a flair for creativity and you will always find her working hard behind the scenes delivering our client events.

M: +64 22 130 1846

Greer Francis

Office & Contracts Manager

Greer comes from a varied background in real estate, with a passion for interior design and well-being. Greer’s knowledge within the industry allows her to have a depth of understanding in the process of purchasing a first home or investment property. Greer prides herself in her customer experience and administration skills to deliver a seamless experience for our clients.

M: +64 27 923 2426

Sadie Hance

Christchurch Office Manager

With extensive experience in fast-paced office environments, Sadie plays a key role as our Christchurch Office Manager. Sadie knows the importance of punctuality and attention to detail in this role, and loves being the friendly face to greet those who come through our doors. Being a Williams Corporation customer herself, Sadie knows the product, people, and culture of the company well.

M: +64 22 078 0738

Sandy Toh

Office Manager

Sandy has 19 years of experience in retail inventory management & customer service from the high-end fashion to luxury furniture industries. She hopes to deliver a seamless high touch experience to our Consultant and Client in creating a service-oriented environment.

M: +65 9246 8246

Maria Lin

Office Manager

Maria is a Bachelor of Arts graduate, with a double major in Education and Psychology. Maria has over 8 years of experience in the customer service industry and started her own confectionery company in February 2021. She is motivated and strives to provide exceptional service to all of our clients.

M: +64 21 544 977

Hao Xu

Design and Building Consent Administrator

Hao is an Intermediate Architectural Designer. He has over 4 years of architectural design practice in New Zealand, a real eye for detail, and is driven to really excel in his field. Hao is also proficient in the use of BIM as a tool.

M: +64 021 182 5406

Charlie Caldwell

Auckland Marketing Manager

Charlie is a bachelor of Commerce graduate from Otago University, majoring in Marketing and Economics. Alongside his studies he started an e-commerce business online to help pay for his university studies. He has had a passion for marketing from a young age, this, along with his entrepreneurial and creative mindset with a high attention to detail, makes him a great asset to the marketing team at Williams Corporation.

M: +64 21 131 5561

Sandeep Patel

Senior Quantity Surveyor

Sandeep has had 15 years in the Quantity Surveying profession in the New Zealand Residential property sector. He completed his degree from Unitec and has been a member of NZIQS since 2004. Sandeep's role is to help assist with contract administration, negotiation, and contractual works across all of our Auckland projects.

M: +64 22 0383 781

Dong Ren

Intermediate Quantity Surveyor

Dong is an experienced Quantity Surveyor in the residential field previously working for property developers and construction companies. She has completed a Bachelor's Degree in Construction, majoring in Quantity Surveying and has been a member of NZIQS and RICs for the past four years. Dong’s role is to estimate a project's budget, tender analysis, and contractor procurement to help Williams Corporation continue to provide affordable, healthy homes efficiently.

M: +64 2102317337

Japdeep Singh

Junior Quantity Surveyor

Japdeep has completed a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering along with qualifications in Quantity Surveying and Project Management. Japdeep is an experienced Quantity Surveyor with a history of working in the construction industry. Japdeep’s role is focused on dealing with tendering and estimating jobs whilst ensuring the main focus is obtaining and using the best materials we can to make our homes of the best quality.

M: +64 22 655 6849

Carl Mattheus

Intermediate Quantity Surveyor

With a driven and motivated attitude, Carl is an ambitious Quantity Surveyor helping bridge the gap between people and project budgets. Carl has a background in commercial, residential and development projects and an NZIQS affiliation that helps ensure he can support a project from beginning to end. As a qualified Quantity Surveyor, Carl’s main tasks are contractor procurement, estimating pricing and construction costs.

M: +64 21 031 5678

Samuel Miller

Architectural Technician

Samuel is a qualified Architectural Technician with 4 years experience working on a variety of residential construction projects. Samuel comes from a sporting background, which includes involvement in Cycling New Zealand’s high-performance programme. This experience has given Samuel the determination, commitment and work ethic required to be successful. It is these qualities that drive Samuel to develop high quality products for our clients.

M: +64 21 023 13577

Johann Zeelie

Architectural Designer

Johann is an Architectural Designer with more than 15 years experience in a wide range of projects across New Zealand and South Africa ranging from commercial, social housing and high end residential projects. Johann is very passionate about working towards providing an affordable housing solution for everyone in New Zealand. Johann’s experience in multi-housing developments allows him to creatively solve complex issues.

M: +64 21 869 151

Jayme Park

Architectural Designer

Jayme has almost four years of experience in the architectural industry and has worked closely with clients throughout her career to understand their design needs. Jayme is focused on utilising her detail oriented skills and experience to deliver high quality design outcomes. 

M: +64 0284 0107

Artem Jeremy

Architectural Designer

Artem is an Architectural Designer with more than 7 years of experience in a wide range of projects across the South Island. He worked on Christchurch earthquake repairs and rebuilds, which gave him a great opportunity to learn about over 100 years of building history in New Zealand. He also has a wide range of experience on projects from educational to commercial and hospitality. Artem is very passionate about the quality of architectural design and how it contributes to the fabric and vibe of the city, its social surroundings, and its future.

M: +64 22 529 0484

Ashleigh Kingh

Architectural Designer

Ashleigh is an Architectural Designer that has worked on a range of residential, commercial and hospitality projects throughout New Zealand.  Projects have included tiny homes, large architectural homes and renovations, warehouse and offices, as well as bespoke café design and winery designs. Ashleigh is passionate about design and enjoys creating spaces with a high level of function and detail. Ashleigh’s experience and creativity allow her to work on complex problems that require unique and elegant solutions. 

M: +64 27 333 9871

Jun Hur

Architectural Designer

Jun graduated with both a Bachelor of Spatial Design at Auckland University of Technology and a Bachelor of Architectural Studies at Unitec. Jun has had 9 years of experience in the architectural field working on various scales and types of projects including small dwelling renovation, house extension, aged care, multi-story apartments, industrial warehouse, and commercial projects. Jun is passionate about new challenges and solving them in an innovative way with a high standard of detail, and looks forward to applying this to his role.

M: +64 21 560 570

João Roldão

Registered Architect in Portugal and NZ

Joāo has over 20 years of experience spanning different scales and densities in Residential, Tourism, Culture, Office and Mixed-Use Developments, both in Europe and New Zealand. Joāo’s previous experience has enabled him to contribute to the Christchurch rebuild, working on several commercial projects with a high seismic resilience level. With Joāo’s strong eye for detail and passion for Art and Design, he believes that Architecture is a powerful tool that improves the quality of the environment and enhances the lives of people and communities.

M: +64 21 189 9999

Catarina Anastacio

Registered Architect in Portugal

Catarina has a Licentiate’s Degree in Architecture obtained at the Technical University of Lisbon and is a Registered Architect in Portugal. Catarina has worked over the last 20 years in architectural practices in Madrid, Lisbon, and more recently, in Christchurch. Her work experience spans different scales and densities on Residential, Commercial, Hotels, Interiors and Fitout. Catarina has passion for design and believes that architecture is a powerful tool that can transform the quality of the built environment and improve our living experience.

M: +64 21 058 7990


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