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Celebrating 10 Years

In June 2021 Williams Corporation celebrates its 10th Anniversary of doing business.

We are extremely proud of the journey we have been on together and wanted to share a brief overview of our story so far.

We have had many ups and downs along the way, but we hope that it may inspire you on your journey to achieve your goals!

It’s free to download, and we hope you enjoy reading it!


Property Guides

Reasons to Buy a New Home

New Build homes offer a range of prospects, these are outlined in this easy to use resource.

First Home Buyers Guide

Buying a home is an investment in your future and can really help you build your wealth over the long term. The purpose of this guide is to help aspiring first home buyers who are ready or think they might be ready, understand where they should start and the potential assistance they can receive.

Completing Due Diligence

You must ensure you have all the information you need about a property before you buy. In this guide, I’m going to run through how I do due diligence on a new build property.

History of Williams Corporation

We are extremely proud of what Williams Corporation has evolved into and wanted to make a short book to share the story with anyone that is interested. It has been the most challenging experience but also the most rewarding.

Buying Property in New Zealand

Your one-stop handbook by the Managing Directors of Williams Corporation, Matthew Horncastle and Blair Chappell. You, the buyer, can be fully educated in the property industry.

A Guide to Singaporeans Investing in New Zealand Real Estate

New Zealand is a great place to invest in property, with a secure, vibrant, business & lifestyle economy that will ensure lifelong returns & enjoyment of your purchase. This document has been created to give you some practical tips for investing in property in the New Zealand market.

FREE Online Seminar

Enter your details to get the Creating Wealth Through Property online seminar. Matthew Horncastle and Blair Chappell will take you on their property journey.

The Youngest Builders Storybook Series

Building Their First Home

We’ve written a storybook! This is a true tale about the youngest builders, who live in Christchurch. We wanted to share their story with you, that if you work hard and do the right thing for a long time that life will give you what you want.

How do we Build the Best Homes Ever?

We’ve written a second storybook! This is a tale about The Youngest Builders and how they build the best homes ever. We want to share their story with you – that if you work hard and do the right thing for a long time that life will give you what you want.

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