100 Year Plan

Williams Corporation has existed since 2010 and we have a detailed plan to keep the company trading until at least 2110.

Williams Corporation 100-Year Plan

The world’s population currently sits at 7.9 billion. Over the next 100 years, it will grow to exceed 11 billion. Our target markets of New Zealand (5.1 million people), Australia (25.7million people) and Singapore (6.7million) are forecast to double in population in the next 30 years. This will require an extraordinary amount of residential property to be built.

During this period, we will be purchasing underutilised land in major cities, within existing suburbs and replacing them with homes that are affordable to buy, affordable to live in and affordable to maintain. We will aim for 10% market share per city and avoid smaller populations under 130,000.

Our project sizes will be relatively small (10-100) so we can pivot easily to meet the needs of the market, while achieving peak economies of scale within each development and keeping our exposure to the market small (12 months or less per project).

We will grow and expand Williams Corporation to be true multi-national company, by focusing on our structures in Singapore and Australia.

Singapore will serve as a Williams Corporation Sales Hub to the 6.7million Singaporean people, enabling them to purchase and invest in our New Zealand and Australian homes.

Our Australian business, Williams Corporation Australia, will replicate our successful New Zealand structure, with offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. These offices will facilitate the development of local housing projects, along with offering our Williams Corporation Capital funding opportunities to Australian investors.

This multi-national strategy means our total sales market is approximately 37.5 million people, where we will facilitate homeownership to as many people as possible, with less requirement on a local market.

We will plan the expansion of each office territory with strong contingencies in place. This includes employing multiple staff in each core business unit to enable consistency and growth within the business.

We will keep our cash reserves high through strong finance relations and instruments like Williams Corporation Capital, Williams Corporation Capital Partnership LP, Williams Corporation First Mortgage Investments and Williams Corporation Capital Australia (QLD/NSW/VIC).

We will keep a percentage of what we build until we have a residential portfolio large enough to cover all running costs of the company. This will ensure the company can sustain a market downturn or a heavy reduction in production if required.

Our management team will be small but with industry-leading property experience. There will always be at least two directors to make sure land purchases are responsible and in keeping with the company’s 100-year plan.

We will sell a large majority of our homes in-house through an industry leading sales team, using quality property consultants and providing them with expert training. Lead generation will be done via leading market trends where results are measurable on a cost per lead basis.

A CRM will track all customer communications and report on each property consultant so that we can ensure our customers are receiving a world-class experience.

Our product will lead the market but not use experimental technologies or products that have the risk of failure. Key products will always be bought through large corporations for the benefit of warranties and insurances should something fail.

In summary, customers, contractors and staff should feel they are aligning with a company that will be delivering high quality homes for their entire lifetime.


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