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Matthew Horncastle

Managing Director

Matthew manages, on a daily basis, land acquisition, development design, resource consents, development sales, marketing and finance. Matthew is a qualified builder and has been in the construction industry for over 9 years. Matthew is extremely high energy and passionate about Williams Corporation’s purpose to build Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington into the most liveable cities.

Based in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington

M: +64 27 711 0356

Blair Chappell

Managing Director

Blair is responsible for product and contractor procurement, pricing, and site management, along with building consents. As a qualified business analyst and having been in the construction industry for over 7 years, Blair loves everything about development, including watching a development go from an idea on a set of plans to a finished product, complete with homeowners and tenants.

Based in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch

M: +64 27 205 3118

Kathryn Marshall

General Manager

Kathryn has a 32-year career in construction. Kathryn overviews the company finances and cash flow position and is responsible for company systems, processes, controls and oversees legal and technical documents. Kathryn has a Bachelor of Agricultural Science Degree, including business subjects. Kathryn creates the vision, along with Matthew and Blair and forms highly skilled teams to deliver the outcomes ethically.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 27 545 1150

Stephen Pike

Auckland Sales Manager

Stephen has over 15 years experience in property sales and has helped over 1000 customers either invest or own residential real estate. Stephen’s professional approach and strong knowledge of market opportunities ensure that his customers get the best advice and information to enable a sound decision is made. Achieving financial security for his customers is of the utmost importance.

Based in Auckland

M: +64 27 524 5002

Matt Withington

Christchurch Sales Manager

As a licensed builder, experienced new-home consultant, homeowner and property investor, Matt brings a wealth of technical know-how to the Williams Corporation team. Matt has a trusted reputation, built on positive communication and assists customers with options that will perform best now and into the future. Matt genuinely loves talking about property and is passionate about helping people achieve their goals.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 27 496 6524

David Living

Wellington Sales Manager

David is passionate about helping investors and first home buyers achieve financial freedom through property investing. With a background in property development, construction, finance and over 30 years in running his own businesses he brings extensive experience to understanding each client’s individual investing needs and tailoring a solution to fit. David’s philosophy is to form long term honest relationships to help clients shorten their journey to success through guiding them to seek the knowledge required to make their own informed decisions.

Based in Wellington

M: +64 21 855 910

Maxine Clason Thomas

Property Consultant

Maxine has over 10 years of experience in property investment, including acting as a buyer’s agent sourcing suitable property, enabling others to grow their wealth. Prior to property, Maxine traveled the world as a Flight Service Manager. Maxine is extremely passionate about people and property and gets immense satisfaction combining the two together to achieve exceptional results.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 21 990 252

Scottie Muirson

Property Consultant

Scottie has nearly 10 years experience in property investment and sales. Property and finance runs in his blood, he entered the property industry full time after investing in property during his successful and adventurous military career in the Air Force. He is driven to help people achieve their life goals and to be able to live the life they dream of. Scott loves to help first home buyers and investors get into the best housing possible.

Based in Auckland

M: +64 27 726 8843

Mitchell Podmore

Property Consultant

Mitchell has been in the sales game for 5 years, plus 2 years in construction. As a property consultant, Mitchell provides a great understanding by listening to customers' needs, then putting it all together to provide amazing results. Mitchell is very active, being a competitive cyclist, amongst all kinds of other sports, that provide him grounding and knowledge to work hard to achieve great goals.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 27 911 9769

Ben Cloake

Property Consultant

Ben has over 15 years experience in the Sales industry, With a background in Solar, Insulation, Heating, and Home Efficiency. He is very passionate about helping first home buyers and investors get onto the property ladder. Ben's collaborative approach helps his clients feel informed and make decisions with confidence.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 21 087 87227

Henri Loader

Property Consultant

Henri has grown up around the building industry all of his life and is extremely passionate about it. He is a licensed building practitioner with 10 years’ experience which includes running his own business. Henri bought his first house at the age of 19 and wants to help other people realise their dream of being a first home buyer or property investor. He truly believes that Williams Corp has a product suitable for everyone and genuinely has a sense of responsibility to help clients confidently with their new investment.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 27 327 5159

Carl da Costa

Property Consultant

Carl has had over 15 years in real estate sales along with extensive experience as a property investor, business owner, entrepreneur and public speaker. His passion is helping others achieve personal and financial freedom by providing enthusiastic support, encouragement and expertise. His belief is that nothing is impossible by maintaining a positive can-do attitude. Let Carl share his enthusiasm to support your goals and property aspirations.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 21 807 771

Mandi Ussher

Property Consultant

Mandi has over 15 years in sales and has focused her career over the past three years in real estate, working with first home buyers and investors alike. With a creative flair and passion for design, Mandi has previously worked as a kitchen and bathroom designer. Through the consultation processes of creating beautiful interior spaces, it soon became evident that Mandi’s greatest enjoyment was derived from the management of relationships with clients and successful outcomes on projects.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 22 621 57 58

Andrew Patterson

Property Consultant

Andrew has spent the last 20 years around property and design. With a background in architecture, a Bachelor of Architectural Studies and a passion for home renovations, it was certainly the perfect preparation for a career move into real estate a few years ago. One of the key aspects of Andrew’s philosophies is his desire to create honest relationships, deal with everyone in a friendly and polite manner and show respect to new and valued clients. With an intention to be in real estate for many years to come, Andrew has set his ambitions high for growing his client base.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 21 0867 9541

Stacy Zhao

Property Consultant

Stacy has comprehensive marketing experience in both residential and commercial areas and a strong background in overseas education. She demonstrates efficiency and innovation in sales management, promotional activity and marketing research. Stacy builds great relationships with clients and delivers exceptional investment solutions. Her outstanding decision skills and proven ability of thinking strategically, ensure a consistent and ongoing high level of service.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 21 185 1866

Riyaan Mohamed

Property Consultant

Riyaan is an entrepreneur and a property investor. At a young age of 21, he saw the potential in the property market and purchased his first home, and has added more to his portfolio since then. Riyaan has a burning desire to help clients get onto the property ladder and to help those that want to grow their property portfolio.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 21 029 02723

Rachel Witbrock

Property Consultant

Rachel has a Degree in Business Management and comes from a background in Consultative Sales and Account Management across a number of industries. She has a broad knowledge of building practices and products having co-owned a construction detailing business. Rachel’s attention to her customer’s needs means that she delivers solutions for them that really match their requirements. She understands the importance of supporting her customers throughout their decision-making process.

Based in Auckland

M: +64 21 265 5362

Trevor Creighton

Property Consultant

Trevor has been involved in the building industry and residential sales for over 25 years. Trevor’s passionate about helping his customers first and foremost by securing their home or investment property, with a minimum of fuss. With great communication, sound advice and a wealth of industry knowledge, Trevor makes the decision-making process as simple as possible.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 27 224 2839

Francesca Ferkatovich

Property Consultant

Francesca is passionate about real estate and is interested to see where it will go in years to come. She has worked in real estate in both Australia and New Zealand in sales and property management. Prior to real estate, Francesca travelled the world as a flight attendant for Virgin Australia and loves to look at the history in different countries. Francesca has an extensive background in customer service and loves helping people. She is passionate, loves building relationships, down to earth, and caring.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 21 0871 3012

Harrison Living

Property Consultant

With an empathetic approach, Harrison is passionate about helping people find their ideal property solutions. With a Bachelor's Degree in Strategic Management and Technology, Harrison has a broad knowledge base for what the modern homeowner and investor looks for. By empowering his clients with positive communication and insightful direction, Harrison believes in his ability to make the most of his client's time and resources. Through the drive of a young professional and the desire to see everyone succeed on their property journey, Harrison looks forward to a long career in real estate and property consultancy.

Based in Wellington

M: +64 21 107 0043

Stephanie McGruer

Property Consultant

Stephanie has a keen interest in property and design through years as a homeowner, project manager, property investor, and property manager. She enjoys people and is passionate about helping people achieve their property goals, whether it is getting a foothold on the property ladder or helping investors build up their property portfolio.

Based in Wellington

M: + 64 27 686 1736

Oliver Cubitt

Project Manager

Oliver has completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and has a trade background in carpentry. Oliver has a passion for property and renovating homes. Oliver likes to push the construction program and see a team of people working together to achieve a great result. Oliver is always looking for ways to improve and ensure projects are delivered on time with a high-quality finish.

Based in Auckland

M: +64 21 225 4959

Dan Drum-Molloy

Project Manager

Dan has nearly 10 years experience in the building industry, with the last 6 years in managing and building high quality multi-unit developments. Dan is a licensed building practitioner who loves overseeing projects at a high standard from start to finish.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 21 169 2685

Scott Barclay

Group Accountant

Scott manages all the finances including creditors, purchase orders, payments, office administration and IRD compliance. As a qualified Accountant, Scott has had extensive experience in the construction industry, having prior roles with both main contractors and suppliers. In previous lives, Scott worked as a Market Gardener and High School Teacher.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 21 776 008

Niriksha Iswar


Niriksha is an experienced Accountant with a proven work history in construction. Niriksha is very ambitious and gives 100% to anything she is faced with. Niriksha is a quick learner and has a passion for finance and accounting. Mixing this passion with a brand she is passionate about ensures she is “living her best life”. Traditionally accountants have a reputation for being boring. This is not Niriksha. Being an Accountant is more than just number crunching. In the modern business world, we need to be commercially focused, think about technology, be innovative, and truly add value. This will be Niriksha’s focus for Williams Corporation, specifically for Auckland and Wellington projects.

Based in Auckland

Nathan Veevers

National Design Manager

Nathan has over 20 years experience in a number of architectural practices, ranging from large group home builders to small architectural groups. As a qualified licensed building practitioner in design and previous experience as a Homestar Assessor and the Superhome Movement, Nathan oversees consenting throughout the country.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 27 503 1418

Bjorn Dunlop

Design & Building Consultant Manager

Bjorn has over 14 years experience in Architecture and Interior Design both abroad and in NZ. He brings with him the knowledge to empower his peers and clients to perform better using BIM as a tool. His previous experience has seen him contribute on large to medium-sized projects including the Auckland and Christchurch Convention Centres. His desire to succeed in both life and career is a great driver for this team.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 21 133 9308

Matt Egan

Fund Manager

Matt has been involved in the Banking industry for approximately 35 years. Over that period of time, Matt has assisted numerous people and businesses obtain their financial goals through funding their projects. Matt's experience has provided him with a great understanding of the value of money and how important money is for people in assisting with their wealth creation. Matt has created a large network of clients from a trusted reputation and by assisting clients to be financially stable through prudent investing.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 27 222 3122

Anne Alegado

Property Assistant

Anne has been in the customer service and sales industry for 10 years. Anne has worked with United States and United Kingdom clients prior joining the Williams Corporation team. As a Property Assistant, Anne handles overall enquiries from social media and the company website, ensuring that all queries are answered in a timely manner.

Based in Auckland

M: 03 669 3491

Michelle M. Tayo

Property Assistant/Customer Service Associate

Michelle is focused on dealing with Williams Corporation's clients, answering their queries, and allocating them to property consultants as leads. Michelle is always ready in giving information packs and comprehending what development is needed to be sent. With more than ten years of customer service experience, Michelle is fully equipped in delivering the job accurately, listening to customers thoroughly, and servicing them with integrity.

Based in Auckland

M: +63 905 404 1271


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