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Matthew Horncastle

Managing Director

On a daily basis, Matthew oversees multiple aspects of Williams Corporation's operations, including land acquisition, development design, resource consents, development sales, marketing, and finance. As a qualified builder and over a decade of experience in the construction industry, Matthew is well-versed in managing complex development projects. His unwavering enthusiasm and energy align with Williams Corporation's mission to enhance the liveability of New Zealand and Australia.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 27 711 0356


Blair Chappell

Managing Director

Possessing a qualification as a business analyst and having over seven years of experience in the construction industry, Blair is highly knowledgeable in managing the intricacies of development projects. Blair is responsible for product and contractor procurement, pricing, site management, and building consents. Blair is deeply passionate about the entire process of development, from its inception as an idea on a set of plans to its completion as a realised product with satisfied homeowners and tenants.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 27 205 3118


Kathryn Marshall

General Manager

Kathryn has a 32-year career in construction. Kathryn overviews the company finances and cash flow position and is responsible for company systems, processes, controls and oversees legal and technical documents. Kathryn has a Bachelor of Agricultural Science Degree, including business subjects. Kathryn creates the vision, along with Matthew and Blair and forms highly skilled teams to deliver the outcomes ethically.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 27 545 1150


Greg Munt

Managing Director, Own with Williams

Greg heads up our co-ownership property investment company 'Own With Williams' which enables more people to get into the property market sooner. Greg has over 20 years experience in the financial services industry having built and sold several businesses in this field. The last was a team of over 60 people specialising in property finance, investment, insurance and accounting, spread from Auckland to Christchurch. Greg has a passion for property having been an investor now for 25 years.

Based in Auckland

M: +64 21 415 744


Nathan Veevers

National Design Manager

Nathan has over 20 years experience in a number of architectural practices, ranging from large group home builders to small architectural groups. As a qualified licensed building practitioner in design and previous experience as a Homestar Assessor and the Superhome Movement, Nathan oversees consenting throughout the country.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 27 503 1418


Nick Jeffrey

Marketing Manager

Nick has over 13 years of marketing and advertising experience across Australasia, where he managed the delivery of award-winning integrated campaigns for renowned brands. In 2022 Nick’s campaign work won a Silver Effie, a Bronze D&AD pencil, and was a category winner at the New Zealand Marketing Awards. Nick now leads the Williams Corporations marketing team and helps connect customers with their perfect home.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 22 087 6308


Dan Drum-Molloy

National Project Manager

Dan has nearly 10 years experience in the building industry, with the last 6 years in managing and building high quality multi-unit developments. Dan is a licensed building practitioner who loves overseeing projects at a high standard from start to finish.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 21 169 2685


Matt Withington

Christchurch Sales Manager

As a licensed builder, experienced new-home consultant, homeowner and property investor, Matt brings a wealth of technical know-how to the Williams Corporation team. Matt has a trusted reputation, built on positive communication and assists customers with options that will perform best now and into the future. Matt genuinely loves talking about property and is passionate about helping people achieve their goals.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 27 496 6524


Stephen Pike

Auckland Sales Manager

Stephen has over 15 years experience in property sales and has helped over 1000 customers either invest or own residential real estate. Stephen’s professional approach and strong knowledge of market opportunities ensure that his customers get the best advice and information to enable a sound decision is made. Achieving financial security for his customers is of the utmost importance.

Based in Auckland

M: +64 27 524 5002


David Living

Wellington Sales Manager

David is passionate about helping investors and first home buyers achieve financial freedom through property ownership and investment. He has been an entrepreneur and business owner since leaving university as well as working in property development for the last 6 years. David is passionate about understanding each client’s individual investing requirements and tailoring a solution to fit.

Based in Wellington

M: +64 21 855 910


Freddie Steenfeldt-Kristensen

Wellington Deputy Sales Manager

Coming from a very business-oriented family, Freddie has a long-standing interest in the world of business, more specifically property. With a strong belief that property investment is fundamental to creating generational wealth, Freddie utilises his knowledge and passion to help clients achieve financial freedom and develop a strong property portfolio. Freddie also has a degree in Business Management and International Business, allowing him to provide alternative insights into the industry for his clients, whilst working in a professional, trustworthy and friendly manner.

Based in Wellington

M: +64 22 588 7510


Ben Cloake

Client Consultant

Ben has over 15 years experience in the Sales industry, With a background in Solar, Insulation, Heating, and Home Efficiency. He is very passionate about helping first home buyers and investors get onto the property ladder. Ben's collaborative approach helps his clients feel informed and make decisions with confidence.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 21 0878 7227


Sam Penman

Client Consultant

Sam is passionate about all things property. With his background in real estate and property management, Sam shares a wealth of knowledge with his clients, tailored to first-home buyers and investors, and their property goals. He knows that investing in property is a step towards financial freedom, and he guides clients on this journey with expertise and empathy. Sam builds clear and achievable goals and supports clients every step to achieve their property dreams.

Based in Wellington

M: +64 21 198 5812


Mark Nuttall

Director - Australia

Mark has a Diploma in Construction and Quantity Surveying. He has worked in Christchurch, London, Melbourne, and Sydney in the residential, commercial, and civil industries for over 28 years. Mark is a property investor and hands-on business owner who makes himself available 24/7 for all clients.

Based in Sydney

M: +61 400 964 621


Rona Yu

Executive Assistant to Matthew Horncastle

Rona is Matthew Horncastle's Executive Assistant and Social Media Marketer. Her background includes working as a Marketing Coordinator, Content Writer, Account Executive, and Virtual Assistant before joining Williams Corporation. She has a degree in Marketing Management but she studied Pharmacy for three years before making the huge shift.

Based in Cebu

M: +63 9953555036


Bjorn Dunlop

Special Projects Manager

Bjorn is passionate about designing quality places and spaces for people. With a strong leadership and project delivery focus, Bjorn has been Designing and Leading multiple teams for numerous large-scale and complex projects across diverse sectors, in a range of locations. Bjorn is proud of the work he does with a portfolio that demonstrates a range of architecture responsive to its context, as well as meeting client requirements Bjorn enjoys collaborating with his team and the wider consulting team, to create spaces and places that people will love. Outside of work, Bjorn loves adventuring and can be mountain biking, hiking, skiing, or just ‘being’ in New Zealand’s amazing outdoors.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 21 133 9308


Ben Kim

Client Consultant

Ben's top customer service level was the core reason for his highly successful career in automotive sales of 10 years, where he helped over 1,000 customers. Many of his clients returned to him multiple times for his sharp analysis of market trends and interpreting them to his clients, allowing them to make a sound decision at the right timing. He first engaged Williams Corporation as a client and fell in love with its houses and its professional team members. It didn’t take long for him to realise it made perfect sense to transfer his skills and experience to Williams Corporation and help clients achieve their financial goals and property aspirations. Ben is also fluent in Korean.

Based in Auckland

M: +64 220 461 500


Joss Traub

Client Consultant

Following on from his years working as a real-estate licensee, Joss Traub is already appreciating just how well the skills he amassed in his previous training, studies and experience dovetail with those required in the industry. Before studying for a quadruple major in sport and exercise science, physiology, personal training and gym management at Massey University, Joss lived and trained in Japan as an international Judo athlete, all of which involve high levels of self-discipline, reflection and application. Listening to clients’ needs and understanding what they require are particular skills that Joss has honed and, with his drive to achieve impeccable results, he is looking forward to a successful career with the Williams Corporation family.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 278 246 190


Constance Hao

Client Consultant

Constance has a strong passion for the real estate industry and loves helping clients reach their real estate goals, no matter how challenging they may seem. Constance is a homeowner herself, so she relates to her clients easily, whilst being able to share her exceptional knowledge and expertise. Fluent in English and Mandarin.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 21 0249 5081


Mitchell Podmore

Client Consultant

Mitchell has been in sales for almost 10 years and solely focused on property for the last 4 years. Mitchell is a keen investor himself having purchased 2 Williams Corporation properties and has grown up in Christchurch. He comes from a competitive cycling background so he knows what its like to work hard for your goals. He loves making the buying process easy and loves working with like minded people. In the weekend you will find him out on the bike or on the water wakeboarding.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 27 9119 769


Carl da Costa

Client Consultant

Carl has had over 15 years in real estate sales along with extensive experience as a property investor, business owner, entrepreneur and public speaker. His passion is helping others achieve personal and financial freedom by providing enthusiastic support, encouragement and expertise. His belief is that nothing is impossible by maintaining a positive can-do attitude. Let Carl share his enthusiasm to support your goals and property aspirations.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 21 80 777 1


Annie An

Client Consultant

Annie is passionate about helping buyers find their dream home and enjoys building long-term relationships with buyers. Annie has a Master’s degree in Communication Management (Distinction), and she has an overseas background in the film and television industry. She is proficient in cross-cultural communication and has experience in dealing with people from different countries. She is able to capture the needs of buyers, and has the patience to assist buyers. Being able to accompany every buyer and witness the buyer’s life journey brings her happiness. Fluent in English, Mandarin.

Based in Wellington

M: +64 21 0844 6000


Leon Liu

Client Consultant

Leon has a degree in Marketing and comes from a background of investment and project management. Leon is multi-lingual, being fluent in English and Mandarin . Leon's unique approach to customer relations has made his success. His approach is straight forward, simple easy and sharp. He makes people think like an investor.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 27 890 0088


Kim Smrekar

Client Consultant

Kim has an extensive background in mechanical engineering with over 15 years of experience in various roles. Kim has always been passionate about property and investment and is now stepping into a new career with a mindset to live an independent and prosperous life. He is intent on solving questions efficiently and creating great relationships with customers. Kim loves how life gives you many amazing opportunities to meet new people, learn new things and achieve new goals.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 21 268 8784


Joy Singh

Client Consultatnt

Joy is an astute sales & management professional, a successful entrepreneur and a mindset coach. He encompasses a potpourri of skills that he has honed from experience across a myriad of industries — retail, wholesale, education, property and much more. Real-estate has been an inherent part of his journey from his formative years. He takes much pride in property development and ascertaining financial freedom for himself as well as for those he works with.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 21 755 995


Shanaiya Kudumula

Client Consultant

Shanaiya is a celebrated leadership and communication expert. Her passion in the realm of people and business transformation is all-encompassing. Having anchored the research fields of corporate governance, psychology, and employment relations, she stands as a bespoke leader with in-depth knowledge that she channels towards engaging, empowering and enriching people and communities locally & globally. She wears her ‘multiple hats’ of being a mom, a businesswoman, a researcher, a model and a mentor with impeccable grace & poise. Shanaiya has a keen interest in wealth creation through real-estate.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 21 645 772


Sravya Kalli

Client Consultant

As an immigrant myself I learnt early on that home ownership is the key to growing wealth and ending the cycle of paying rent. I use knowledge of my degree in Psychology to understand and communicate with clients from diverse backgrounds easily. I offer my clients honesty, and understanding and strive to help every client experience the joy of security and financial stability home ownership can bring. I am fluent in multiple Indian languages and English. As a hobby, I write articles on parenting. I love spending time with family and friends in my free time.

Based in Wellington

M: +64 210 271 8933


Josie Fergusson

Client Consultant

Having completed her BFA and a Diploma in Architectural Technology, Josie has several years of experience working as an interior designer in Auckland, London and Singapore. Her passion for property and residential design is undeniable, and she is dedicated to assisting investors and first home buyers in attaining their property goals. Josie is strongly committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for every client.

Based in Auckland

M: +64 21 337 261


May Low

Client Consultant

May has over 20 years of Regional Sales experience for a large Japanese MNC. She has a friendly and sociable personality, which gave her the assets to communicate with all class of people. Her regional sales experience enhancing her communication skills by dealing with people from different countries. Her current focus is to help clients to reach their real estate goals, by seeing her clients’ dreams come true, that is where one of her sources of happiness comes from. Fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Based in Singapore

M: +65 9466 9988


Logan Rule

Project Manager

Logan is a Qualified Carpenter with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Before joining Williams Corporation, Logan worked in a foreman role at a residential company based in Selwyn, Christchurch. Logan has a fantastic work ethic and understands how to work with people constructively to help get the job done efficiently and to the highest standard.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 22 036 3878


Mitch Chapman

Project Manager

Mitch is a qualified painter with over 10 years experience in the industry, both in New Zealand and the UK, as well as running his own business for 2 years prior to joining Williams Corporation. Coming from a sporting background, Mitch has a good understanding of teamwork and understands how important communication and clarity is to get everyone on the same page to achieve a common goal.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 22 375 5343


Zi Ge

Project Manager

Zi has accumulated over a decade of invaluable experience within the construction industry. His journey commenced with a Bachelor's degree in Architectural Studies from the University of Auckland. Following this, he dedicated five years to honing his skills in Foundations and Carpentry, before spending an additional two years in Construction Management.Zi's unwavering passion for the building industry propels him forward. His dedication is now channelled into his role as the Auckland Project Manager at Williams Corporation, where he aspires to make a significant impact.

Based in Auckland

M: +64 22 078 7242


Dion Maw


Dion has a Master's degree in accountancy and brings an extensive background in corporate restructuring, banking, and not-for-profit organisations. He thrives in a dynamic, fast-paced environment and loves working collaboratively. Dion is excited to be a part of the Williams Corporation team helping build better housing for New Zealand's home buyers and investors.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 21 776 008


Vela Huang

National Quantity Surveyor and Procurement Manager

Vela has been working in the New Zealand construction sector since 2018. She is extremely passionate about the construction industry and her motto is to always pursue continuous improvement. Vela's role is to assist Auckland developments with contracts negotiations, procurements and cost management.

Based in Auckland

M: +64 27 591 9547


João Roldão


Joāo is a Registered Architect in Portugal and NZ and has over 20 years of experience spanning different scales and densities in Residential, Tourism, Culture, Office and Mixed-Use Developments, both in Europe and New Zealand. Joāo’s previous experience has enabled him to contribute to the Christchurch rebuild, working on several commercial projects with a high seismic resilience level. With Joāo’s strong eye for detail and passion for Art and Design, he believes that Architecture is a powerful tool that improves the quality of the environment and enhances the lives of people and communities.

Based in Christchurch

M: +64 21 189 9999


Michelle M. Tayo

Digital Assistant Manager

Michelle is focused on dealing with Williams Corporation's clients, answering their queries, and allocating them to property consultants as leads. Michelle is always ready in giving information packs and comprehending what development is needed to be sent. With more than ten years of customer service experience, Michelle is fully equipped in delivering the job accurately, listening to customers thoroughly, and servicing them with integrity.

Based in Cebu

M: +63 905 404 1271


Kenneth Blen Rapal

Maintenance Manager

Kenneth, a licensed Engineer in the Philippines, brings extensive expertise in Property Maintenance Management, specifically in commercial and residential high-rise buildings. His recent role emphasized the importance of integrating maintenance considerations, such as repairs and troubleshooting, early in the construction phase. This ensures seamless collaboration between construction and maintenance teams, allowing for easy access in the future.

Based in Cebu

M: +63 917 139 6955


Simon Yeo

Client Consultant

An experienced real estate professional with more than 10 years of experience in advising clients who are keen to invest in Singapore and overseas properties. Simon has a Masters of Science in Real Estate Investment and Finance from the United Kingdom, a Masters of Applied Finance from Australia, a Postgraduate Qualification and a Bachelor of Commerce in both eCommerce and Marketing from the United Kingdom and Australia respectively.

Based in Singapore

M: +65 8100 3386


Jaymie Yip

Client Consultant

Having a versatile background in real estate, entrepreneurship, education and sciences, Jaymie is a dynamic professional who brings a unique set of skills to the Williams Corporation family. Dedicated to delivering excellence, Jaymie is committed to helping clients make informed decisions and navigate the real estate landscape. With her expertise in market analysis, negotiation, and property evaluation, Jaymie excels in providing personalized guidance and delivering exceptional results to help clients achieve financial freedom and build their ideal future through genuine and trustworthy property investment advisory.

Based in Singapore

M: +65 8857 4810


Marjorie Casero

Project Coordinator

Marjorie is a Licensed Civil Engineer with experience in Quantity Surveying and Construction Management. As a Quantity Surveyor, she handled high-rise projects which gave her commendable experience in Construction Estimates, Tendering, and Project Cost Management. She also started as a Junior Site Engineer in Construction Management and was then promoted to the Senior CE in a short period.

Based in Cebu

M: +63 9263635354


Lyle Alegado

Regional Accounting Manager

Lyle is a Certified Public Accountant and has worked as an external auditor for 2 years prior to joining Williams Corporation. Now, he is leading the Accounting Team in Cebu, providing excellent accounting support to the NZ teams at the same time ensuring that all transactions are appropriately accounted for in accordance with international standards and Philippine requirements.

Based in Cebu

M: +63 919 514 1195


Brian Recla

Revit Technician

Brian Recla is a registered and licensed architect in the Philippines, with more than 7 years of experience in the construction industry working on vertical projects in VisMin, Philippines. He is proficient in Revit software and advanced skill in BIM (Building Information Modelling).

Based in Cebu

M: +63 9122039636


Aljeca Paler


An accountant with over 7 years of experience in retail/wholesale and distribution industry, Jec enjoys collaborating with people, getting things done and learning new things. He looks forward to supporting the team and management to reach its goals and expand his experience in the industry.

Based in Cebu

M: +63 915 595 3801

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