How We Build Homes Better

We believe that owning a home that you can be proud of, an investment that increases your wealth, or a space where you can grow your business shouldn’t be so difficult. That’s why we carry the same unwavering commitment to quality and affordability through every New Zealand property we build.

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How we build our homes

Join our Christchurch Sales Manager, as he takes us through the materials and processes of building a Williams Corporation home.

How we finish our homes

Our Williams Corporation homes really are ‘Turn-key’ meaning the moment you get your door code, you have everything ready to start living. This video takes you through all the leading brand appliances, like Fisher & Paykel, and modern finishes we include in the price you pay for all our homes.

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External & internal quality

Quality is paramount in our properties and only the best products are going into the construction and fit-out of our developments.

Safe Building Envelope

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All of our homes have longevity in mind, we do not use internal gutters, flat roofs or other high-risk design elements. We use leading products both on the walls and behind them to create a low maintenance home that will last the test of time.

Solid Air Barrier

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It is no surprise that the building code requires a solid air barrier in extra high wind zones. When compared to building paper, a solid air barrier offers a more robust cavity and extra structural bracing on the home.

Hebel Intertenancy Wall

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Hebel Powerpanel XL is made out of aerated concrete and provides fantastic acoustic and fire-resistant properties. This ensures the product separating you from your neighbours is of the highest quality in the market place. Because the Hebel sits between the timber framing you have full use of the intertenancy wall in your home without comprising your fire and acoustic rating.


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We use Brownie insulation, which is formaldehyde-free and offers excellent fire safety, thermal and acoustical performance. With warm dry homes being paramount for our construction methodology, we use an R7.2 ceiling batt, providing over double the building code requirements. For the external walls, we use an R2.6 wall batt to achieve 40% over building code requirement.

Maglok Dragonboard Flooring

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Constructed out of magnesium oxide, MagLok Dragonboard Flooring has a concrete-like feel, can’t squeak and has higher fire and water resistance when compared to particle board.

LVL I-Joists

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Manufactured from sustainably grown New Zealand Pine, LVL I-joists are half the weight of conventional softwood joists and are straight, uniform and dimensionally stable. This provides a lighter, stronger midfloor that has less chance of long term deflection.

LVL Frames

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LVL stands for laminated veneer lumber, LVL timber is dimensionally accurate, straighter and meets or exceeds equivalent stress tests when compared to standard SG8 and SG10 pine framing.

Engineered Slab

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Constructed on top of the gravel raft, an engineered slab provides the benefits of the concrete foundation sitting on the ground instead of in it. Constructed with concrete, steel and polystyrene pods, with the process being signed off by an engineer.

Gravel Raft

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Soils are stripped down and replaced with compacted gravel, the entire process is signed off and overseen by an engineer. A gravel raft provides a stable platform and strengthens the ground under your home.

Episode 26: How we build a house

On this episode Matthew and Blair tell you how Williams Corporation build a house from the ground up.

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