Corporation Cares.

At Williams Corporation we are committed to building the most liveable country. We are passionate about the communities we build our developments in and love to do our bit. This community hub is a snapshot of some of the great work our team is doing to enrich the communities we build in, and the lives of those that live there.

Williams Corporation is proud to support

‘Know Your Purpose’

Know Your Purpose

‘Our mission is to inspire and empower teenagers to recognise their unique strengths and passion and find game-changing ways to put them into action, so that they can make a positive difference for themselves and others, and make a real dent in our universe.’ 


Kindergarten Visit

Matthew recently visited a local Kindergarten to chat to the kids about the construction industry.

“I have done a lot of public speaking but I must admit I was pretty scared to speak to 35x 4-year-old kids at a local kindergarten! But it was so fun, we had a chat about how to build a house and I brought lots of hand tools and showed them how each tool works. It is nice to give with your time to your community plus I received lots of high fives.”

Max Wood

We were really excited to spend some time with the Christchurch legend Max Wood, who is still setting records at the age of 85. Keep doing greet things Max!

Barber Trust

Our mate from the local barber helps out low-decile schools with grocery vouchers to those families in need. We donated a $1,000 Pak’n’Save voucher to the worthy cause.


“Matthew and Blair of Williams Corporation both have a vision and know “WHY” they are building fantastic affordable homes. They both walk the walk and talk the talk. They inspire those around them to think big and provide those that purchase their homes with a dream.

I am proud to be a supplier of Williams Corporation and believe they are both fantastic, honest and visionary people. Good on ya boys, keep up the great work.”

Gavin Scott-Petersen

“I have worked with these guys for a couple of years now and can endorse their integrity and honesty.”

Mike Blackburn



Burnside Hockey Club

We sponsored the CPL Womens team with a slick new long sleeves for their winter trainings.

Tree Certificate

We planted 20 trees in partnership with ‘One Tree Planted who continue to contribute to the reforestation following the California Forest Fires. We pride ourselves on our sustainable approach to construction.

View Certificate

Fill My Lunchbox

Matthew caught up with Rene, a student from St Andrews in Christchurch who started a charity that sells gourmet lunches and donates two lunches per one sold to kids who come to school hungry without lunch. We loved his initiative and happily donated $800 towards the cause. For more information on how you can help this charity or buy a lunch email – rch1989@stacmail.net



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