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Customer Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it, meet our happy homeowners.

Open Day Reactions

Peter – First Home Buyer

Dara – First Home Buyer

Ben – First Time Investor

Stacy – First Home Buyer

Tony & Chris – Investors

Mark – Investor

Phil – Investor

Vicky – Investor

Ben – First Home Buyer

Brian – Investor

Jono & Sarah – Investors

David & Kelly – Investors

Louise & Steve – Investors

Paula & Nathan – Investors

Margaret – Investor

Mike – Investor

Kirstina & Keiran – First Home Buyers

Vera & Marcel – Investors

Mary & Jalani – Investors

Mon & King – Investors

Nicole – Investor

Naveen – Investor

Rose – Investor

Grant – Investor

Katie – Investor

Sean & Ciaran – Investors

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– Craig

Recently attended a public presentation by Matthew and Blair. A couple of young guys with a great vision. They spoke from the heart and shared personal highs and lows. Insightful to understand their viewpoint, very impressed.

– Marcus

Truly a world class organization. Their loyalty to their craft, artistry, market knowledge, skill, and customer service is second to none. I’ve done a lot of business internationally with many different companies and I couldn’t speak more highly of Matt/Blair and the team at Williams Corp.

– Steve

The game changers. Making likely the biggest positive impact in the housing sector in NZ. Well done. With their amazing quality at the most affordable level, delivered in a straight up, no nonsense manner, it’s not surprising. You can’t go wrong. 5 stars++.

– Anton

I recently bought my first investment property. Stephen met up with me several times to help with my decision making, without ever trying to pressure me into a sale. Instead he listened to my needs, allowed me to take my time, and kept me informed of my preferred interests. When an option I was interested in became available again, he let me know immediately so I could buy it. His manner was so supportive, the process has felt more like a friendship than a business transaction.

– John

Great team, great product, great passion. Their amazing success is not an accident and they deserve to do really well. Keep it up.

– Brad

I recently purchased a home with Stephen from Williams Corporation. I found Stephen very approachable and easy to talk to. The biggest thing for us, was we didn’t feel pressured into anything. Stephen was very professional. We felt we were never given the ‘sales pitch’, or were under any pressure to buy or make decisions on the spot. This allowed us to adequately consider all our options. We have owned our first WP property for just over a year now with no regrets. Highly Recommended.

– Nathan

I have dealt with Matthew and Blair on different occasions and have found them very approachable and down to earth. I strongly believe in their vision in building Christchurch a very affordable place for homebuyers. The quality of their build is very solid, design is quite modern and I will personally recommend anyone to buy a property through them.

– Mon

We bought 3 properties from William Corporation and Stephen Pike is our consultant. The reason we bought these properties is because William Corporation have a very good production and reputation. Not only that, we got very professional advice from Stephen and he was always very helpful. Whenever we needed help he was always there for us. We highly appreciated his help and advice and we recommend him to our friends.

– Pleayo

A property development company that captures all levels of generations and provides unique innovative design of central city accommodation. The 2 masterminds behind this are Matt and Blair, who have great passion in living in the Christchurch City CBD. With some anchor projects finishing, their projects are likely to prosper and re-breathe new lives into the Garden City.

– Nathan

As a supplier to the Williams Corp team we have found them great to work with! Love what they are doing to our city, they are helping to make the city better than it ever was. They use high quality products and are always striving to find new products and innovative ways to build better homes, but also working hard to keep the price affordable. Well done team.

– Rewa

I purchased my first home with Williams Corporation late last year. From the moment I enquired to going unconditional, Stephen was there whenever I needed advice or support, going above and beyond. I can’t recommend Stephen and the company highly enough.

– Yvonne

I have always found this company to conduct themselves and build their properties to a very high standard. They make a priority in making sure both their housing and customer service is the optimum. Great people that go above and beyond and so very personable as well.

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