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First Home Buyer Tips

Why should I buy a new build home?

Do you purchase land?

Who is Williams Corporation?

What is Williams Corporation Capital?

How We Finish Our Homes

What materials do you use in your homes?

What is a turn-key home?

How does a residents association work?

How do we build our homes?

Are your homes a good option for investors?

How do you construct the walls of your homes?

How can I buy a home on minimum wage?

What is it like to buy your first home?

How does Williams Corporation support the community?

What do I need to know about insurance?

What did people say about your Merivale development?

Did you build 43 townhouses in 5 months?

What are your open days like?

What is it like to get the keys to your home?

What is buying ‘off the plans’ like?

Why should I buy in Auckland?

How do I buy from you?

Can I hear from your investors?

Do you have display homes?

Do you have a timelapse video of your builds?

How do you keep homes weather tight?

What is a Warranties & Maintenance Book?

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