Our Story

Williams Corporation was founded by Matthew William Horncastle and Blair William Chappell in 2012. The duo were friends growing up. However, they only started a business together because of an efficient connection and mindset that created high business productivity.

Changing Neighbourhoods with our Vision

We have a vision to build better cities, and a more liveable country. We produce high-quality homes in existing suburbs, close to environments where people can live, work and play, perfect for homeowners and investors alike. With such a clear vision and purpose, we are quickly becoming one of the largest residential developers in New Zealand, with over 1,000 new homes to be delivered in 2022.

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Our Values

Innovation & Design

Our Why

Our Values

Williams Corporation now trades in the infill development space buying old homes that require redevelopment and replacing them with high-quality townhouses. We are strongly driven by the values that we were founded on by Matthew & Blair. We will always conduct our business and property developments in a way that delivers on our vision of building a more liveable country. That means we are committed to:

Innovation and Design

To push boundaries, not accept the status quo, improve housing development processes and producing homes that will stand the test of time.


To be leaders in our industry through high-quality developments and the sharing of our knowledge to better both our cities and those that play in them.


To build trust through a wholehearted commitment to our vision and the service we provide to our customers and those we interact with.


To support the communities we build our developments in and enable our customers to live work and play doing things they love!

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Thinking about investing in property but you’re not sure where to start? As one of New Zealand’s largest new home builders, we have learnt a few things about investment dos and don’ts, and we want to share this knowledge with you.

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