Our Story.

Williams Corporation was founded by Matthew William Horncastle and Blair William Chappell in 2012. The duo were friends growing up. However, they only started a business together because of an efficient connection and mindset that created high business productivity.

They previously owned, managed and closed several businesses prior to starting Williams Corporation. Their portfolio includes contract building, temporary fencing, waste management, solar panels, composite decking, waste management etc. before they found their niche in property development.

Our Values.

Williams Corporation now trades in the infill development space buying old homes that require redevelopment and replacing them high-quality townhouses.

Williams Corporation has strong growth plans to achieve lots more, it is a very exciting company to watch. In 2019, they will deliver around 200 homes and sell even more making them one of the largest property development companies in New Zealand. We pride ourselves on the following traits:

  • Vision
  • Innovation & Design
  • Leadership
  • Trust
  • Community

Changing neighbourhoods with our vision.

Williams Corporation is a property developer that produces high-quality homes in existing suburbs. Close to environments where people can live, work and play, perfect for homeowners and investors alike. Their high quality, affordable product has extremely high demand and is delivered in industry-leading timeframes. Williams Corporation is one of the largest residential developers in New Zealand.

Slide the line across to reveal the transformation.


Building beautiful developments that incorporate innovation & design

We believe that owning a home that you can be proud of, an investment that increases your wealth, or a space where you can grow your business shouldn’t be so difficult. That’s why we carry the same unwavering commitment to quality and affordability through every NZ property we build.


Matthew Horncastle

Managing Director

Matthew Horncastle has come from a strong property family where everybody was in real estate, including his father Bill Horncastle. Bill owned one of the largest housing companies in New Zealand.

Blair Chappell

Managing Director

Blair Chappell has also come from a family with a background in property, with his father Grant Chappell owning part of a large real estate office.

Our relationships with contractors and customers are build on trust.

Our relationships with contractors and customers are build on trust. Buying quality real estate in New Zealand can be challenging: the prices are high and the pickings are slim, whether you’re looking for a home or investment. Williams Corp aims to make it easier by building high quality, affordable properties for everyone – from commercial, residential and Airbnb investors to first home buyers. This approach has made us the largest and most trusted property developer in Christchurch.

We are passionate about the communities where we build our developments.

At Williams Corporation we are committed to building the most liveable country. We are passionate about the communities we build our developments in and love to do our bit. Whether it’s donations, environmental responsibility or giving our time we aim to enrich the communities we build in, and the lives of those that live there.

The Story of
The Youngest Builders.

The Story of
The Youngest Builders.

The Youngest Builders
The Youngest Builders



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