At Williams Corporation we specialise in helping buyers realise their dream of home ownership. For many, buying your first home can be financially challenging, and without help, feel out of reach. That’s why we’ve set up ‘Own with Williams’ to help you get on the property ladder sooner.

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What is Own With Williams?

Own with Williams’ is a shared ownership partnership between the buyer and Williams Corporation, where Williams Corporation provides you funds to help with your deposit and, in return, owns a proportion of your home.

Who is it for?

Own with Williams is for individuals, couples, and even friends or family getting together to buy their first home. You need to have a 5% deposit and the income to pay your mortgage. To see if you qualify please complete this form and one of our team will be in touch within 48 hours.

How it works

Step 1.

The team at Own with Williams will work with you and your broker to help understand your financial situation.

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How it works

Step 2.

From there we’ll look at a number of different co-ownership options that best work for your circumstances and financial position.

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How it works

Step 3.

We’ll then purchase a property together, with you as the primary owner.

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How it works

Step 4.

You move in and take care of the typical homeowner expenses.

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How it works

Step 5.

We’ll co-own the property until such a time as you choose to buy out of our share or choose to sell the property.

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What properties are available?

All completed Williams Corporation properties can be purchased using the 'Own With Williams co-ownership structure including those scheduled for completion by 31st of March 2024.


74 Homes Available

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23 Homes Available

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53 Homes Available

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6 Homes Available

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