Are You a First Home Buyer?

Looking to take those first steps on the property ladder?

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Our developments are specifically designed to help solve these problems. To make this possible they’re:

  • Affordable compared to similar houses for sale in NZ.
  • Located in desirable suburbs near cafes, restaurants, bars and the CBD.
  • Designed to include attractive and comfortable interiors.
  • Only built using high specification chattels and fittings.
  • Constructed using high quality building materials and proven methods.
  • Always completed up to or above building code.
  • Warm, dry, healthy and happy homes to live in.

As well as all the physical, logical reasons why buying a new property as your first home is a good idea, there’s an emotional reason too. That moment when you step into a property that’s all yours is special, and it’s even better when everything is perfectly presented and brand new – built just for you.

What’s more, when buying a brand new home, you may qualify for a KiwiSaver HomeStart grant of $10,000 per person (or up to $20,000 if you buy with a partner or friend who also qualifies). You would only get half that amount for an existing build.

If you’re ready to stop paying your landlord’s mortgage and start living in your own little piece of New Zealand, the first thing you need is a plan and a deposit. We’ve helped hundreds of first home buyers into quality NZ real estate, and we’d love to help you get into a home you can be proud of.

Get in touch today to talk about your first home.

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