Williams Corporation Capital.

Do you want to fund Williams Corporation for a 10% return?

Investment Criteria.

Investing in Williams Corporation Capital Limited is open only to qualifying wholesale investors who meet one or more of the following investment criteria:

  • investors who are relatives of the company’s directors
  • investors who are close business associates of the company or its directors
  • investors who invest at least $750,000
  • investment businesses
  • large investors with net assets or a consolidated turnover of more than $5m over the last two financial years
  • investors who qualify for a small offer

This investment opportunity is not available to retail investors.

For further information, please refer to the information memorandum (which is available on request).

Ask questions, read all documents carefully, and seek independent financial advice before committing yourself to this investment.

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How it Works.

Williams Corporation Capital Limited Team.

The directors, Matthew Horncastle, and Blair Chappell come from strong property families. They have owned and operated businesses for 8 years and have been successful property developers for over 5 years.

Kathryn Marshall, the general manager, has been a successful residential property developer for over 30 years, never losing money in her career.

Their following team, from accountants to lawyers to builders and plumbers, are all industry leaders and their skills are showcased by Williams Corporation’s quick success and market domination.

Williams Corporation Capital is a Wholesale Finance Company.



  • Matthew Horncastle and Blair Chappell have invested $5.3m of cash into this company, this is b class shares and would be used first in the event of any loss.
  • This company also has a personal guarantee from Matthew Horncastle and Blair Chappell.
  • This company also has a guarantee from Williams Corporation Limited, which currently carries an equity base of over $7m.
  • When funding a project, the funding total would not exceed 70% of the completed project valuation.
  • A standardised draw down table will be created before project funding is released.
  • When funding a project before land settlement a deed of assignment would be in place, this means if Williams Corporation Limited or that one of its trading companies who is doing the development is in default, the project can be settled into Williams Corporation Capital Limited so equity is protected.
  • When funding a project after land settlement, and where there is not a primary funder, first mortgage security will be in place.
  • When funding a project – once all consents are granted and presales cover costs, Williams Corporation Capital Limited’s first mortgage security will go to a second mortgage security, with a primary funder taking first mortgage security.
  • In summary, Williams Corporation Capital Limited always keeps the capital well secured.


Your return will be 10% per annum, gross, interest paid quarterly. We deduct your Resident Withholding Tax so you will receive Net Interest paid to you.

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Governance is extremely important to us, Matthew Horncastle and Blair Chappell are experienced directors of property companies, and govern Williams Corporation Capital Limited under strict operating procedures.

The company’s funds will be kept in our solicitors trust account acting on behalf of Williams Corporation Capital Limited.

They will only release funds when all the correct steps and securities have been taken and are in place.



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Matthew Horncastle

Managing Director

Matthew Horncastle has come from a strong property family where everybody was in real estate, including his father Bill Horncastle. Bill owned one of the largest housing companies in New Zealand.

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