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Choosing the right investment property.

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Choosing the right investment property

Whatever you’re looking to achieve, the hardest decision is always picking a piece of NZ real estate that helps you achieve your unique goals. That’s why every time we start a new build, we keep investors in the back of our minds, tailoring our residential and commercial buildings to fit their needs.

To that end, all of our developments are:

  • Built only in central locations nearby amenities where renters want to live.
  • Brand new builds that are extremely low maintenance.
  • Constructed using high quality materials and proven building methods.
  • Zoned for short term accommodation.
  • Warm, dry, healthy and well insulated.
  • Attractively designed and great to live in.
  • Built with high-specification fittings and chattels, adding value.
  • Affordable, leaving more room for capital gains and high rental yields.

Before you buy, working out a goal and a strategy to work towards is the most important thing. Our directors, Matt and Blair have a wealth of property investment experience and are happy to help you develop a strategy and pick an asset that’s right for you.

We’ve got several townhouses, apartments and houses for sale in our current developments that could be just right for you.

Get in touch today to talk property investment.

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