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Two young business owners from New Zealand share the good, the bad and the ugly as they continue to grow their group of companies at rapid pace.

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Episode 75 – Saving Capitalism

On this episode Matthew and Blair discuss saving capitalism.

Episode 74

The Share Market

Posted on 23 February

Episode 72

Setting up your Business in a New City

Posted on 10 February

Episode 71

How to Scale Your Business Safely

Posted on 20 November

Episode 70

Building Substance

Posted on 3 November

Episode 69

Fast Is The New Big

Posted on 9 October

Episode 68

The King Has To Eat First

Posted on 26 September

Episode 67

You Need To Be a Leader Not a Follower

Posted on 21 September

Episode 66

Get Your Team on the Same Page

Posted on 20 September

Episode 65

Always Being Prepared For The Unexpected

Posted on 16 September


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