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3 reasons why we’re building developments in Auckland now

We’ve recently kicked off three new developments of high quality affordable townhouses in Te Atatu South in our first venture outside of Christchurch. Our first Auckland development on Vera Road features industry leading build quality, a spacious living area and courtyard as well as an outer-city location just 15 minutes to the centre. These are selling at well under $500,000.

With that said, our clients have been asking us – why leave the familiar territory of Christchurch to develop in the crowded and competitive Auckland market?


1. Auckland is where the growth is

The Auckland region is home to 1.66 million people – one third of the country’s population, according to council data. What’s more, the city’s population is expected to grow to almost 2.4 million by 2048 and council estimates say that 313,000 additional dwellings will be required to keep up with this rapid growth.

Numbers like this suggest that Auckland’s housing crisis may only worsen unless thousands of high quality affordable homes are built over the next few decades. That’s where we hope to fit into the market – by providing practical, affordable and liveable properties that fill the massive gap between demand and supply.

2. The city is rife with housing affordability problems

Williams Corporation became Christchurch’s biggest developer by building homes that Kiwis want to live in, in areas that they love, with affordable prices. In Auckland we believe that this approach will be even more effective due to the housing affordability issues that the city has suffered from for years. To give you an idea of the scale of the problem in Auckland – Demographia recently named the city the 7th least affordable property market in the world.

Our first development in Te Atatu is a step in the right direction priced at around half the Auckland average, according to CoreLogic’s most recent data. This will give Aucklanders the chance to live in an affordable, high quality home in a good location without struggling under a massive mortgage.

3. We bring credibility and reliability

When buying a new property the developer’s credibility should be top of your mind (especially in Auckland where we’ve all heard so many horror stories). Williams Corporation is one of New Zealand’s most reputable builders bringing small business values and long standing relationships with suppliers to the table.

That means we act with transparency, honesty and integrity and we always deliver exactly what we say we will. We believe these values will allow us to help provide Auckland with the quality housing that it needs right now.

To hear more about our plans for Auckland get in touch with the team at Williams Corp today.

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