Why live in a big city versus a small town?
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Why live in a big city versus a small town?

Small town living is typically slower, cheaper, but also less convenient and fewer opportunities. While living in a big city is enjoyable and thrilling, it is undoubtedly more expensive and challenging too. You need to understand what you are looking for in your life first, before deciding if you should relocate and change up your lifestyle. Below are 4 factors you should consider before relocating.


Cost of Living

In general, cost of living is often much higher, especially for housing in big cities compared to smaller towns. However, for daily essentials, the pricing might be better if you go to the national chain stores compared to local, neighborhood shops that can be frequently seen in smaller towns.



In big cities, transportation is usually much more convenient with multiple modes of transportation and often there will be a public transit system. However in the small town, you will definitely need a car to go around town.


Job Opportunities

Big cities typically have more robust, high-end, and sophisticated job opportunities such as in IT, Financial Technology and innovative start-ups. Smaller towns, on the other hand, are better places for smaller enterprises, skilled trades, and other less-competitive industries. There is also less competition on the local labor market in smaller towns than larger cities. If you are ambitious and want to climb up the corporate ladder, a city will be the best place for you.



Living in a major city has many benefits, one of which is the abundance of entertainment and activities available to you. A small town’s way of life is typically much more focused on family. Most people will consider church events and smaller town fairs when they think of activities in small towns. However, for big cities, you often have access to a greater selection of fine restaurants, live music, nightlife and big international exhibitions and conventions.


In summary, you need to assess what is most important to you. You will be able to choose where to live and how to go with your life after you have a clear understanding of your own requirements and desires. If you have decided to live in the city, we have a wide variety of homes in the city for you to choose from. Connect with us now and our client consultants will be more than happy to assist you.

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Why live in a big city versus a small town?