A high level overview of the history of Williams Corporation

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History of Williams Corporation handbook

History of Williams Corporation

We are extremely proud of what Williams Corporation has evolved into and wanted to make a short book to share the story with anyone that is interested. It has been the most challenging experience but also the most rewarding.

The booklet includes information on key milestones in the company:

2003 The first meeting
2011 The year of the Earthquake
2012 Blair is back on the scene
2013 Business is starting to move
2014 A big year
2015 Diversifying, growing and working
2016 The year of consolidation
2017 Built 30 homes, sold 114 homes
2018 Built 60 homes, sold 150 homes
2019 Built 190 homes, sold 250 homes
2020 Build 300 homes, sell 400 homes



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