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Key things to look out for when buying a brand new home

There are so many benefits to buying a brand new home.

They’re often warmer and dryer, they require less repairs and maintenance and if you’re a first home buyer you may be able to access a larger government grant than if you bought an existing property. Plus, there’s just something about living in a beautiful, new property.

Despite all the benefits you still have to be careful what you purchase. To help you make the right decision here are four things to watch out for when buying a brand new home.


1. Developer track record

Before you buy you need to look into the developer, their company and any companies they’ve been involved with in past. If they have a track record of failed or problematic developments that’s a red flag and you should think twice about buying.

On the other hand, if they’ve consistently produced high quality developments and met expectations you can go into your purchase with peace of mind, knowing you’ll get what you pay for.


2. High quality build, materials and fittings

Look for developments that don’t do the absolute minimum, but instead go above and beyond to provide a home you want to live in. Examples of this might include insulating above building code to make sure you’re comfortable all year round.

Using sustainable building materials, high quality fittings and name brand appliances is also a sign that the developer is building with you, the end user, in mind.


3. Contract

When you’re purchasing from a developer it’s important that you have a solicitor take a good look at the contract and any sale and purchase documentation before you go ahead.

It’s also a good idea to have a solicitor talk you through it so that you understand what rights and responsibilities you have.


4. Location

Just like with any property, location should be top of your mind when buying a brand new home. Look for something close to your place of work, cafes, bars and restaurants.

Buying near transport links and other amenities like schools and shopping centres is also a good idea. What you’re ultimately looking for is a location that allows you to work and play without having to travel far. A short commute and the easy access to entertainment will help you create a lifestyle you can really enjoy.

If you’re keen to buy a brand new property, whether it’s your first home or your tenth investment, get in touch with the team at Williams Corporation to find out what we’re building near you.

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