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Master your Bedroom

You have a lot to juggle when building a home, and sometimes you can forget about the finer details. Here at Williams Corporation, we concentrate on the little things that make your space special. Here’s some tips on how we Master our Bedrooms.

We Focus On Storage

You can’t ever have too much storage in your home! We integrate storage solutions into our designs, therefore we can maximise every inch of available space.

Our bedrooms contain a suitably sized wardrobe, with inbuilt shelves and ample storage room. Many of our bedrooms also contain high storage, which is effective in stowing away larger items like boxes and suitcases.

We Build Beautiful Bathrooms

An ensuite gives you a place to get ready for the day or end the day without having to wait for flatmates, kids or guests. In many of our options, bedrooms will contain ensuite bathrooms. Like all our bathrooms, these are finished to a high quality, with tiled floors, walls and quality features throughout.

Designed for Dynamic Living

While some people utilise their bedroom for sleeping only, other people like to retreat to their rooms after a busy day. Whether for watching TV, reading a book on a comfortable occasional chair, or studying/working at a desk. Our master rooms are designed to be spacious enough to be a dynamic space, where you can enjoy alone time away from the main living areas of your house.

Finished with Quality

We finish our rooms with neutral, calming tones and design our bedrooms with natural light in mind to help you relax in your bedroom! We also add in extra features like dimming lights to make your space perfect.

If you’re interested in seeing one of our propertys and checking out our beautiful bedrooms then get in touch with one of our client consultants today here. We have showhomes available in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.


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