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The Kiwi Dream

The Kiwi Dream is something we all supposedly desire. What is it? Why is it so attractive. How can we help you get there?

Owning Property

As with many other versions like the American and Australian Dream, the Kiwi Dream centres around owning real estate. Typically it might also involve a secondary property like a bach. In other words – owning more property.

So why is this so attractive? The thing with owning property is that you will not see an immediate gain on your investment. Getting onto the property ladder is a long-term investment that sets you up for success in the future. This is done through the historical trend of house prices rising over time, resulting in capital gains.

Cash flow will strengthen over time and your personal equity will rise as you pay your mortgage over time. In principal, the more properties you own, the more cash flow and equity you will build. Ideally, this leads to greater financial freedom.

As the world’s population rises and resources become more scarce we may unfortunately see less of us achieve the Kiwi Dream. However, getting into real estate and growing your investment portfolio increases your likelihood of achieving this.

Let’s take a look at some numbers. As we all know, the historic trend with house prices is that we see a general increase over time. Granted, there are unavoidable peaks and troughs, although the trend is upwards. Taking a look at the past two years we can see that the average house price in New Zealand was $760,860 in August 2020. Two years later in 2022, the average house price had risen to $973,848 in August. This is a net increase of $212,988. No doubt over time this number will continue to rise.

When looking at numbers like this, it is easy to see why so many people work towards growing their property portfolios. The more property you own, the more capital gains you can make over time.

Where do we fit in?

We pride ourselves on building high-quality and affordable townhouses. Seeing Kiwis live the dream and achieve financial freedom is something that motivates us. Our homes have strong rental returns and act as amazing investments to get you closer to living the Kiwi Dream.

All of our Client Consultants are passionate about getting people into homes and are happy to offer their expert advice.

If you are ready to live the Kiwi Dream and achieve financial freedom, click HERE.

Kiwi Dream

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