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Timely Spring reminders for your home

If you’re in New Zealand, wind those clocks forward 1 hour, from 2.00am on Sunday 25 September. If we didn’t adjust the time, we’d be sleeping through some of the sunlight – and that doesn’t seem great for productivity!

As we approach Daylight Saving in New Zealand and enter into the season of Spring, here’s a few Spring cleaning reminders to help keep your Williams Corporation property safe.

When you spend less time worrying about your homes safety, you can spend more time on how you like to live, work and play.

Check your smoke alarms. 

All our William’s Corporation homes are fitted with smoke alarms. When you sleep, you loose your sense of smell. Make sure that at least once a month, you get into the habit of pressing the text button on your alarm. If it sounds, it’s good to go and keeping you safe while you sleep. If not, it’s time to switch the batteries.

Every 6 months, vacuum or dust your smoke alarms to help avoid false alarms. 

Keep your E-lok password to yourself

Ensure the security of your home by only sharing your E-lok password with the homeowners. Note that you can change the password if you ever feel that your security might have been breached. E-loks come standard with your William’s Corporation home and mean you’ll never have to carry that house key around again!

Ready to soak up the rays overseas? Organise a mail collector. 

Now that the world is opening up again & we’re able to travel more freely, ensure that if you do book a trip, you book in someone to keep the house admin ticking over. Have a friend, neighbour or family member do usual weekly tasks like collect the mail, put the bins in etc. So that it presents that you are still home.

Spring calls for BBQ season! Make friends with your neighbors. 

We love the William’s Corporation communities that we build. The homeowners either side of you are your biggest allies when it comes to having another set of eyes to be vigilant over your property.

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