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We build, where you can earn a living!

At Williams Corporation, we’re committed to building homes in places that you can live, work and play.

We build with the idea in mind that your lifestyle will be complete with an easy commute to work, a low maintenance property so that you can enjoy your leisure time outside of work, and a workplace that will pay you fairly to allow you to thrive. 

A key example of this is that within a short drive, even walk, from many of our current Christchurch developments is Christchurch’s Hospital. Christchurch Hospital is the biggest employer in the South Island.

New Zealand’s unemployment rate is at the lowest rate we have seen since 1986, at 3.2%. This indicates that New Zealanders are finding employment.

With employment rates high, it is a job hunters market. Employers are willing to pay more for workers to attain them and likewise to retain them.

Immigration New Zealand published a report that suggested the highest employment growth in New Zealand will be for highly-skilled occupations including managers and professionals.

Williams Corporation is known for building in cities across New Zealand and Australia, where there are strong job prospects. 

We want you to be able to service a mortgage easily and spend your days enjoying your home!

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