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Wellington City Council Pre-election Report 2022 Highlights

The recently released Wellington Pre-election Report for 2022 indicates why this might be the best time to invest in the region’s property market!

The Wellington City Council has recently released its 2022 pre-election report that covers all aspects of the city’s infrastructure and economic performance. Let’s take a look at some highlights from the report and why Wellington is a great place to live, work and play.

Most notably is that the most recent Quality of Life survey from 2020 indicates that 91% of Wellingtonians believe they have a positive quality of life.
As the population is expected to rise by fifty to eighty thousand people in the next thirty years, the council has laid out plans on how they will continue to improve the city and ensure that the quality of life remains atop New Zealand.

In order to achieve this, the council has proposed a ten year plan with a $3.2 billion capital expenditure budget which will go towards improving public transport and initiatives like cycle/walkways in the Let’s Get Moving Programme and Three Waters infrastructure.
Furthermore, Wellington has also seen higher GDP growth in the last three years over other major cities like Auckland and Christchurch. Couple this with the anticipated population growth and the future of the Wellington region looks promising for its residents.

At Williams Corporation, we believe in the future of Wellington and that’s why we have a great selection of affordable homes in the area. To check them out, just click on ‘Wellington Developments’ below.

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