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What is a Residents Agreement?

Did you know that all of our townhouses come with a Residents Agreement? The purpose of this agreement is to create a safer environment for owners and investors of our properties.


One of the key benefits of the Residents Agreement is that it ensures that every home has an insurance policy in place, every year. Significant savings can be made when homes are insured through the same Insurance broker. Insurance is necessary because it protects you and helps to cover the costs of any repairs in the case of damages to your land/property.

Future Maintenance

In the Residents Agreement you will be guaranteed that all common areas are maintained and repaired in order to protect the value of homes over their life span. These areas range from walkways, gardens and even rubbish bins. Within the agreement, one can find their individual obligations to adhere to the maintenance and ensure that they are doing their part of the agreement.


A Residents Agreement is useful because it sets up a structure that can pay for damages and general maintenance by putting aside funds in advance for when these situations do arise.

Another key benefit is that many components of the agreement are voted by the residents themselves and concluded by a majority vote. This gives power to the residents and allows their voices to be heard, should they believe something needs to be brought to attention.

To view our amazing properties that utilise this agreement, click HERE.

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