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Airbnb has 150 million users, 640,000 hosts and over 4 million listings. It’s a brilliant way for New Zealand homeowners to earn extra income on the side, and here in Christchurch investment properties regularly show gross returns of up to 10 per cent using the platform.

We love the fact that everyday day Kiwis can put their property to work to grow a nest egg or improve their lifestyles, and we’d like to enable that however we can. Williams Corp have several houses for sale that can help you realise the full potential of Airbnb investment.

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Why are our developments so suited to Airbnb investors?

Our NZ real estate developments are uniquely suited to use as Airbnb investments. That’s because they’re all:

  • Zoned for use as short term accommodation.
  • Centrally located in desirable suburbs.
  • Brand new and built to a high standard.

It’s worth noting that new homes tend to photograph better than older builds. That means our properties always make for great Airbnb listings. This often results in higher occupancy rates and better investment property income.

What’s more, new homes usually have lower heating, cooling and maintenance costs, which means more money in your bank account.

If you’re considering buying an Airbnb investment property, get in touch with the team at Williams Corp today. Our company directors have years of experience using the platform for their own investment properties, and are always happy to help come up with a strategy to grow your wealth.

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A unique approach to NZ property development.

Most residential property developers in NZ build on empty greenfield land separated from the communities around it. Our approach is different. We buy land and build in existing suburbs, on leafy streets near cafes, restaurants, schools and transport links. These areas are close to all the things that make Christchurch and Auckland so great to live and work, and our builds are always right in the thick of it.

We believe that owning a home that you can be proud of, an investment that increases your wealth, or a space where you can grow your business shouldn’t be so difficult. That’s why we carry the same unwavering commitment to quality and affordability through every NZ property we build. That means:

  • Built only in central locations nearby amenities where renters want to live.
  • High specification interiors and chattels to make living or working comfortable and easy.
  • Quality building methodology and materials that last, providing a warm, safe and dry environment for decades to come.
  • Extensive landscaping to provide liveable outdoor space.

Once you own a brand new home or investment, you’ll never want to go back to an older build. This makes them extremely easy to live in, rent or sell.

That’s probably why we sell 15 homes a month in Christchurch and Auckland.  Check out our real estate for sale in Christchurch and Auckland.

Completed Developments.

Completed Developments.




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